Van Morrison – Santa Cruz, CA (10/01/78)

Live The Coconut Grove Ballroom
Santa Cruz, CA.

Download FLAC/Pfo Shot DVD:  Google Drive

The Warner Bros. 1978 Wavelength Tour Promo Video
Dvd SBD Audio Capture w Total Recorder Pro >
Wave > Sony Sound Forge Pro > Flac(6)

This NOT the Audio bootleg of the same name. This is a DVD SBD Audio Capture of “The Taping Of Our Times” Warner Bros. Promo Video for the begining of the 1978 Wavelength Tour

Track List
01 – Wavelength – Van Morrison (5:32)
02 – Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (5:02)
03 – Checking It Out – Van Morrison (3:40)
04 – Kingdom Hall – Van Morrison (5:39)
05 – Caravan – Van Morrison (6:10)

Total Time 26:05

FFP, MD5, auCDtect Flac Report, Original and New Art work included.

Lineage: DVD Audio Capture to Wave w Total Recorder Pro to PC system soundboard>
Wave> Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 > Flac Level 7 > You

FreeMorrison Notes:
Although these files pass the auCDTect Flac Report and report 100% Flac, they are indeed MPEG sourced.
I belive I just got lucky with the setting in Total Recorder Pro and got some excellent wave files to create the Flacs.
There are SBE’s – but as this is the way the audio was played from the DVD I decided not to fix them, as the tracks flow seamlessly. (If you want to fix the SBE’s – feel free)

Notes from Mat:
FreeMorrison may no longer be posting or commenting here but that doesn’t mean his boots don’t live on. If you are out there FM, thanks for all the great tunes.

7 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Santa Cruz, CA (10/01/78)

  1. Many thanks.

    Just a quick heads up for fans of Van (I hope
    it’s alright to mention)….
    Edge over at g101 has posted Somewhere Over
    The Mountains, Tirol ’89 in lossless.

    I already got it from you here in mp3 (thanks Mat!) and
    to be honest altho sound is fine, it’s one of those ones
    where the quality is not likely to improve much in lossless
    quality (the sound is crisp and clear but also clearly very
    compressed). But it may be of interest.

    Great boot though! – I play disc 2 a lot, mainly for the closing
    medley on When Heart Is Open… I just love how GF starts
    bringing in “I got Sunshine on a cloudy day” over what
    everyone else is doing….
    and when The Man starts saying something like (heavy
    Belfast brogue)

    “I’ve said it before… Chayynge, chayynge, chayynge…”

    you can hear Georgie in the background saying, We will
    Van, we will……

    Classic stuff!

  2. Wow! Anything from ’78 is major for me…

    thanks Mat, and FreeMorrison – great to see you on this page again, friend of music! You’re one of the best Van sources on the web, so thanks for this new post and all your others.

  3. The 1978 stuff (to me) was so POP for Van. Just a whole different thing – following his Period of Transition Van was still transitioning.
    Looking forward to Caravan with this group of musicians.
    Thanks Mat!

  4. OMG… this is even better than hoped. This is a major addition to the Van canon for me, since this is actually my favorite period of his live shows. Thank you, thank you!!

    And by the way, in my zeal about this show when I commented earlier, I mistakenly thanked FreeMorrison for “being back on the scene” and now I realize this is something he’d gave you previously Mat, but isn’t “back on the scene”… but anyway, thanks FM for the music, and Mat for sharing.

  5. That’s great Grant. Glad I could assist in getting you something new.

    Yes FM is still MIA. I think I grabbed this show from one of the other sites he has posted too. If you look around you’ll find that FM has posted great shows to tons of different sites. Hope he posts again sometime.

  6. Comments from a deleted repost:

    Thrak says:
    December 5, 2016 at 9:48 pm Edit

    The Flac files are in the Mp3 archive and vice versa.
    Grant says:
    December 9, 2016 at 4:43 pm Edit

    Thanks for this, Mat! (and thanks for the tip, Thrak)
    rintesh says:
    August 3, 2017 at 9:46 am Edit

    Thanks you.

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