Bob Dylan – Asheville, NC (04/18/93)

Bob Dylan
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville Civic Center
Asheville, NC

Download SHN/FLAC: Google Drive

1. Hard Times
2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. You’re A Big Girl Now
5. Tangled Up In Blue
6. Disease Of Conceit
7. Watching The River Flow
8. Jim Jones
9. Tomorrow Night


10. Desolation Row
11. Don’t Think Twice. It’s All Right
12. Cat’s In The Well
13. I And I
14. I’ll Remember You
15. Everything Is Broken

16. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
17. Maggie’s Farm
18. It Ain’t Me, Babe

15 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Asheville, NC (04/18/93)

  1. Yea, there is lots of great stuff left. I was just surprised that I had run out of the older material. For ages I was just randomly posting various stuff from Dylan and recently decided to hit it up chronologically only to find that I had very few shows from the 80s.

    But whatever, there is still some killer Bob material left to share.

  2. Sorry Tony but I have to take issue – In terms of dynamism and quality of live performance Bob never topped the RTR of 75 or the early tour shows of ’74 (before the shouting began, ‘before the flood’ was rec at end of tour) also late ’80 thru summer 81 were sensational (band, singing and particularly harp playing).

    Love the late 90s tours and Euro tour 2000 but late ’89 US ‘Oh Mercy’ shows and particularly Paris/hammersmith (Jan/Feb 90) were even better!!

  3. PS it is a little appreciated fact that Bob has not performed SOLO acoustic sets on his tours since 1986, when they were largely a shambles!
    I love the 2 guitar and acoustic band sets which replaced them in later tours, but any hypothetical, imagined ‘ultimate’ Dylan gig would have to include at some point Bob alone with his gtr and hca and totally in control of his art. In this regard early ’74 and RTR simply cannot be topped OTHER THAN THE 63-66 ERA and at times the performances are so mesmerizing I think they even exceed that era!

  4. Feel free to take issue 🙂

    I love the Rolling Thunder shows – but take, say, 10 different
    shows and they don’t really give me 10 different experiences.

    It would take at least 10 different shows to really represent
    the flavours of a year like 1999. Dylan’s art has continued
    to grow. The passing of time has added poignancy (and
    irony and a lot of other stuff too).

    I don’t so much mean the performances in themselves are
    necessarily superior, as that overall there’s greater depth and
    resonance to be found in the later period as a whole.

  5. It;s all subjective and i understand your point. Try to listen to the Paris Hammersmith compilation at ‘A Thousand Highways’ if you get the chance, plenty of poignancy and variety i promise.
    That said it is one of his poorer compilations only in so much as trying to condense the awesome Paris and Hammersmith reidencies onto one single disc is slightly daft and a bit misguided really. Any reasonable representation would require at least 3 or 4 more discs, such was the variety of material performed and the consistently excellent performances. As such it provides nothing more than a brief snapshot, but is a damn good listen nonetheless.
    Whilst on the subject Mat, did that ex 2 disc acoustic compilation I sent your way ‘Acoustic London 90’ ever make it onto the blog? If not it is well worthy of consideration.

    Tony, pl don’t misunderstand me. I am ‘Time Out Of Mind’ nut and consider the 3 years that followed it’s release to be Bob’s final purple patch. I also consider the band lineup during this period to be the best since the GE Smith era.

    Fortunately most of these periods are well represented with really good qual live recordings. The only exception is the late 89 US shows – Real shame as those are great shows too with Bob buzzing off the release of ‘Oh Mercy’

  6. Not an issue to me whether you post or just enjoy – just couldn’t remember that’s all. Been a favourite of mine for a long time that one. It was the Thousand Highways compl post that put it back in my mind. Remember creating my own tape version at the time. I have all the Hammersmith and Paris shows and some cracking compl sets too. The Thousand Highways surprised me in that it was just one disc and that the preference appeared to be for the Paris shows that’s all. Both residencies were magical but the consensus opinion has tended to be that Hammersmith had the X Faxtor

  7. I have all the Hammersmith and Paris shows (I think) –
    but alas I took a vow never to listen to any live Dylan recorded
    after 1987 and before fall 1991 🙂

    I suppose I could break it….
    I have a memory of breakneck tempos, Bob shouting along,
    and GE Smith seemed to bring something to the party that I
    just don’t like… I don’t really know what it is… a severe lack of
    soul maybe….

    But hey, that’s just me!

  8. Also – I don’t like “TOOM” either, ha ha !!
    A seriously over-rated and unsuccessful album IMHO.
    Although most of the songs turned into excellent additions
    to the live repertoire of course.

    But I’m not trying to wind you up DylanDave, honestly!

  9. Tony, It’s quite OK really. I also have some views about particular tours which are out of step with the general consensus. For example I see far more value in CERTAIN selected aspects of the 86 and 87 tours than most do. In particular certain arrangements from the Dead tour, some of the cover songs in 86 were superb (real ‘white boy soul’ IMHO) and especially the 87 heartbreakers tour (there just isn’t enough live ‘arthouse’ Dylan out there to be too choosy) and i even liked the angry arrangement of LARS with Bob snarling the lyrics across the beat.
    However I generally just keep these to myself and just share the views which I have ‘bounced off’ fellow traders and Bob watchers, both at the time and in the subsequent years, and found to be generally inline with others who have formed an opinion. i’ve no agenda at all but rather just try to steer people towards the ‘good stuff’
    Late 89 to Feb 90 combiles the energy of 88, the best of the 89 arrangements and covers, the new OH Mercy stuff performed with passion and a few new surprises. Add in a real focus of performance in smaller venues full of generally ecstatic crowds. The atmosphere at the Hammersmith shows was electric with a real buzz of anticipation and tickets were like gold dust.

    I urge you to break your vows and revisit this stuff which is IMHO the pinnacle of the early NET years.

    This level of performance was not matched until the Prague residency early in ’95. anybody wanting to form their own opinion can just grab the compilations of both Hammersmith and Prague at ‘A Thousand Highways’. Just remember though that Prahue was only 3 nights, Hamm/Paris was 10 with an amazing number of different songs performed, so a single disc compl is really just scratching the surface

  10. It’s late here, BYKW (= but you know what), I’m going to
    check out Ham90 at random…

    You better be right or you know what MF (=my friend


    I’ll be disappointed !

    Let’s see………………….

  11. Oh I know it’s late/early , I’m listening to a recent posting of the Allman Bros recorded from BBC Classic In Concert series. Listed by the BBC as Winterland 75 or sometimes 76 – nonsense of course, but when did the BBC ever get anything right. A little basic web search, intuition and elimination leads me to the 26 sept 73 at Winterland. Anyway its a proper lossless FM gem recorded in 2001 – well worth staying up for!

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