Van Morrison – Lugano, Switzerland (07/12/02)

Van Morrison
Estival Jazz Lugano
Piazza Della Riforma
Lugano , Switzerland
12. July 2002

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have five sources for this show, you can read the info here.

1. Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart
2. Did Ye Get Healed
3. Goin` Home
4. Talk Is Cheap
5. Choppin` Wood
6. Early In The Morning
7. Moondance
8. Days Like This
9. Back On Top
10. Precious Time
11. Philosophers Stone
12. All Work And No Play
13. Muleskinner Blues
14. Help Me
15. Bright Side Of The Road
16. Cleaning Windows
17. Have I Told You Lately
18. Stop Drinking
19. Gloria

Van Morrison – Vocals, Harmonica
Richard Dunn – Hammond Organ , Piano
Ned Edwards – Electric & Acoustic Guitar
David Hayes – Electric Bass , Electric Double Bass
Matt Holland – Trumpet , Flugelhorn
Martin Winning – Alto , Baritone & Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Irwin – Drums
Special Guest :
Chris Barber – Trombone

Note :
after “Gloria” there is a micro noise and
Mr. Morrison shout to a Journalist : “OUT !”

9 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Lugano, Switzerland (07/12/02)

  1. There certainly are some ex qual recordings from this era. looks like you’ve located a couple more for us Mat.
    Just a shame these shows are a tad on the prosaic side. A little lacking in imagery and mysticism for the daydreamers amongst us! It’s mostly a setlist issue, however this obviously reflects Van’s musical aims at the time

  2. From the notes, it appears that this show existed in FLAC and someone dumbed it down to mp3. Is this really the best source available? I’m sure it sounds great but it’s sad if that’s the case. This is the problem I have with people circulating mp3 when the music should be shared in a lossless format.

  3. After listening to this one and the other 2002 show I posted I mostly agree with you Dave. Its not that they are bad, in fact they are really quite good, but they are missing that certain spark you get in the best of Van shows. There are some very nice moments scattered throughout but it never quite goes to that special Van place.

    BernieShakey this is the best source I have. If I find a better one I’ll post it. I’ve debated the whole lossless vs lossy thing in these pages before. When I’ve got a FLAC I post it. Course I also convert it to high bit rate MP3 and post that too. That pisses some folks off, but in my experience the MP3s always get downloaded more than the lossless files. By a large margin.

    I figure I’m just cutting out the middle man for everybody who prefers MP3. Also whenever I post FLAC only I always get requests from folks who don’t know how to do the conversion.

    I’ve probably lost a few fans by posting MP3s, but I feel like there are a million places to get FLACs and for those who do not know how to convert them or how to play them or don’t have the bandwidth to download them I can provide great music while still providing the lossless to those who want them.

  4. Mat,

    no need to feel guilty about the mp3s. As you know personally I always want the lossless for my archives and for the hifi etc

    However – personal walkmans for FLAC are very limited and (mostly) expensive, car stereos wont play ’em (and in many cases on the road or in town you can’t tell the difference anyway),
    many smartphones and tablets will not play ’em (especially windows devices – apparently the world will be won over by Windows Media Lossless format one day, yeah right!!)
    also, anybody listeming with earbud or budget headphones, or miniature (or wireless) speakers with bass ‘enhancement’ would be better off upgrading them first.

    Just a shame that bandwidth didn’t accelerate at the same rate as music sharing and streaming and that mp3 had such a long run unopposed.

    As for Van, i’ve always believed that he is a decent jazz singer and (at times) a truly excellent soul blues singer. However, as a ‘Cetic Soul’ singer infused with all these elements he is a one-off phenomenon!!

  5. Mat,

    Please understand that I wasn’t knocking you for posting in mp3. I completely understand your position and wasn’t trying to make anyone feel guilty, except perhaps the person who converted the FLAC to mp3 and then did not pass along the FLAC also. If this show existed in lossless as per the notes, then it stands to reason that someone still has it in lossless. That’s what irks me. It should have been available to you in both formats. Happy New Year and keep up the great work. Peace.

  6. Oh I wasn’t offended or anything. This is a discussion I’ve had with myself many times. In fact I’ve got a whole post on it sitting in pending (where its been sitting for weeks) that I debate posting every day.

    I know there are some people who hate my site because I dare post MP3s so I get a little defensive over my decision.

    I’ll absolutely agree that it is very irksome that some shows seem to only exist in MP3 anymore because others have only shared the MP3s and the FLACs are being hoarded or not shared in anyway.

    But in the end there is so much great music around that I stand amazed at it all.

  7. Just for the record I really enjoy the MP3 postings. There is definitely a role for both formats and I really appreciate your excellent selections and choices.

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