Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Stick’s Picks, Vol. 3 (Best of 2000 Crystal Cats)


Bob Dylan
Stick’s Picks vol 3
2000 Fall tour compilation from Crystal Cat bootlegs
Dropping Songs Down into Our Ears
(Culled from the outstanding Fall 2000 Tour of the United Kingdom)
lineage: trade cds > roxio disk image > audio cd > copied cd (2)) >eac > flac > upload
info: (below) i copied at dylanpool a while back after receiving the disks in a trade

Download FLAC, MP3

Disc 1 (acoustic)

Duncan and Brady (October 6th London, 2nd evening)
Song To Woody (October 6th London, 2nd evening)
Girl of the North Country (October 6th London, 2nd evening)
Tomorrow Is a Long Time (September 13th Dublin)
Ring Them Bells (September 13th Dublin)
This World Canít Stand Long (September 17th Glasgow)
Delia (September 19th Newcastle)
Love Minus Zero (September 22nd Sheffield)
Mama, You Been On My Mind (September 24th Portsmouth, 1st evening)
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest (Sept. 25th Portsmouth, 2nd evening)
John Brown (October 1st Munster)
Visions of Johanna (October 1st Munster)
One Too Many Mornings (October 1st Munster)
If Dogs Run Free (October 1st Munster)

Disc 2 (electric)

Make You Feel My Love (September 13th Paris)
Most Likely You Go Your Way (September 17th Glasgow)
Highlands (September 17th Glasgow)
To Be Alone With You (September 17th Glasgow)
Catís In the Well (September 16th Aberdeen)
Tell Me That It Isnít True (September 19th Newcastle)
Man Of Peace (September 19th Newcastle)
Canít Wait (September 24th Portsmouth, 1st evening)
If Not For You (September 24th Portsmouth, 1st evening)
She Belongs To Me (September 25th Portsmouth, 2nd evening)
Watching the River Flow (September 25th, 2nd evening)
Cold Irons Bound (October 6th London, 2nd evening)
Blind Willie McTell (October 6th London, 2nd evening)
Tombstone Blues (October 5th London, 1st evening)

From the original uploader

Concerning the quality of the recordings, the entire set was sourced directly from the glass mastered Crystal Cat 30 disc tour set. I did not use SHN or Mp3 files**
My first impulse was to simply throw all the rare songs on a couple discs, but as I listened to the shows, I knew that such a project would ultimately suffer for two reasons.
First of all, a couple of the rare songs simply do not reach the musical heights that most of the others do. And secondly, the recording qualities of a couple shows are noticeably weaker than the majority of the others, and for this project I could make sound quality a factor, because 90% of the tour was captured in perfect, A+ quality.

No, as I listened to night after night after night of these amazing shows, I realized that it needed more consideration than simply a memento piece, some relic of just another tour, destined to gather dust in a Case Logic somewhere. Because Fall 2000 was not just another tour, and these songs are not just the same old performances.

So, sorry to Simple Twist of Fate (low mix and time restraints), Ballad of a Thin Man (uneven performance), Tryingí to Get To Heaven (Sugar Town verse was sung but the song just sounds awkward no matter where I try to put it on the disc) and Fourth Time Around (beautiful, but much too slow for this project and like Tryiní To Get To Heaven, it just doesnít sound right among the other electric numbers) and a few of the acoustic gems, but I didnít, couldnít play favorites in making this compilation. (although it killed me to cut the September 16th Aberdeen airing of Boots, but Girl From the North Country and Bobís harp solo needed to be heard!)

All in all, every song on these two discs knocks me out. It says something of a tour when I found myself with enough material for a 4 disc set. Most times Iím caught struggling to find one or two songs to help fill out a disc, but this time it was easy.

* *NOTE: I was sorely tempted to use an alternate source on the October 1st Munster tracks, but what I’d gain in warmth and bass I’d lose in vocal clarity, so for better or worse, I opted for hearing Bob a little better and stuck with the Crystal Cat release
About some of the tracks and my own thoughts on the tour:


7 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Stick’s Picks, Vol. 3 (Best of 2000 Crystal Cats)

  1. Between me and DylanDave I think we posted all of the songs in this compilation, but if you’ve been overwhelmed by all the shows in 2000 this is a nice place to start.

    Its also my very last 2000 show. I may eventually get the rest of them and rest assured I’ll post when I do. But for now we’ll be moving to another year.

  2. I’d question some of the reasoning behind a few selections (and more importantly omissions) however some value here in that the guy had access to the original silvers. Also nice to finally find a tour compl (i’ve heard many) that gives good representation to the London shows.

    Sometimes in this digital age of limitless volume some kind of ‘way in’ is helpful. If only to get a toe-hold.

    I’m sure it will make a great selection for the car and the acoustic disc should make a good late night listen. A bit like that 1990 Hammersmith ac compl i sent you Mat. However ‘John Brown’ over ‘Boots’ is difficult to justify, and i might have been tempted to bend the ac/elec rules a little in order to get 4th time around onto the ‘acoustic’ disc.

    Mayne a ‘chill out’ /’rock out’ split would have made an even better compl if maintaing the tempo of the electric set was so critical.

    Cheers Mat

  3. I go back and forth on this sort of thing. Like you said they do give a person a way-in to some of these things and Lord knows not everyone wants to collect every show from every tour.

    And yet they are so subjective by nature that you’re always going to miss really cool stuff, and when the tour is as consistently killer as this one was your missing a whole lot of things.

    Still a nice intro to Dylan in 2000.

  4. Thanks for this and ALL the 2000 shows that you have posted. Wonderful stuff.

    I was lucky enough to get to a couple of these 2000 UK shows.
    Great memories, preserved better through your efforts.

  5. A great many thanks for posting these shows. The 2000 Europe tour was one of the best that I’ve followed and I was lucky enough to get to most of the UK shows. Your compilation is a wonderful reminder of why fans follow Dylan and also why they seek to have copies of all of the shows. Thanks again.

  6. Thank You Mat (and Dave) for the fantastic Crystal Cat share!
    – Unfortunately, it seems that there’s missing songs in most of the shows (i.e Munster disc 1. track 06 and 12 and disc 2. track 04 and 09 does not exist or cannot be opened).
    Tried to dl again, but same story.

    For anyone looking for HQ scan of the orig. CC-covers goto:

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