Van Morrison – Belfast, Northern Ireland (10/23/84)

Van Morrison
Grand Opera House
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

1. Madame George >
2. Ballerina
3. It’s All In THe Game > You Know What They’re Talking About
4. A Sense Of Wonder
5. Cleaning Windows
6. Summertime In England
7. What Would I Do

Richie Buckley – saxophone
Kenny Craddock – keyboards
Jerome Rimson – bass
Martin Drover – trumpet
Arty McGlynn – guitar
Terry Popple – drums
Doreen Chanter – backing vocals

Lineage: Master > TDK SA90 * > Akai GX95 11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8
* From JG
Mastered to Digital by JTT

6 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Belfast, Northern Ireland (10/23/84)

  1. Cheers Mat, looks interesting and essential Van. Haven’t got either of these but I do appear to have the 22nd (complete AUD JTT) at a different venue in Belfast, the New Vic Theatre.

    As discussed before in your blog comments, Belfast is one of those locations where a great Van performance is almost a given.

    Heard any of these newly released Dylan studio gems yet – I keep finding myself trying to identify where some of the long standing and cherished booted takes fit into the bigger picture. And also wondering how and why those particular takes leaked out.

    • You talking about the new official release or something else? Either way I haven’t heard them. Its been a crazy few weeks around here with the family passing around the crud back and forth and work being real busy.

  2. Yikes,

    I meant the new 65-66 stuff. Answers a few long standing questions and puts a few ghosts too bed. For instance, there really isn’t a truly complete ver of ‘she’s your lover now’. The incomplete breakdown is as far as it gets for the band ver aftar a really long series of takes, then Bob just kinda gives up and knocks out the piano ver in one take.

    On another point – word is that Mr Thousand Highways has done a great job with his latest rel. Sweetening the always rather harsh sound of the Supper Club 93 recs to great effect. Not heard it yet but looking forward to checking it out. Recent releases (92 TOUR) on his site have all been of a very high standard.

    Hope work eases up for you – don’t need that kind of nonsense in the Xmas runup.

    Take care and stay well if possible


    • Yes, I’m looking forward to digging into the new release. Looks tremendous.

      I saw that new version of the Supper Club stuff. Haven’t downloaded it yet, wanted to hear if it was really an upgrade to the sound first, but I agree that site has done some great things before so I should probably just grab it.

      I shouldn’t complain about work. Its really awesome in many regards. But with being sick and missing days, then the wife being sick (making me miss time due to taking the kid to school, etc.) the load at work has piled up making me real busy. Its a family owned business (my father and my brother run it) I can take the time off and not have to worry about getting fired.

  3. When digging into the new release listen out for an UTTERLY BRILLIANT alternate take of Temporary Like Achilles. The vocal is at the very least a match for the album take. Most of the reviews seem to focus in on the fact that the unreleased takes are inferior to the album versions. For the most part this is, of course correct, particularly for the really major/epic songs. However it is not true in all cases, and particularly with the Bringing It all Back Home sessions IMO. It is however totally fascinating. It is also uncanny how consistently excellent the harp playing is, very much in common with the live 66 performances.

    • Very cool. I will get to this release eventually. This is the kind of thing I know I need to really sit down with and listen closely. Then I need to go back to the real releases and compare. Which means finding the time which means I’ll put it off for awhile. Eventually I’ll likely just grab it and listen while in the car or whatever and let it play in the back ground. And if something grabs me I’ll listen more and more.

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