Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills & Nash – New York, NY (11/18/89)

Crosby, Stills, Nash
Hungerthon 89
United Nations General Assembly Hall,
New York NY
Nov. 18, 1989

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Wasted On The Way
02 Change Partners
03 Blackbird
04 The Lee Shore
05 Just A Song Before I Go
06 Helplessly Hoping
07 4 + 20
08 Wind On The Water

09 House Of Broken Dreams
10 Tracks In The Dust
11 Almost Cut My Hair
12 Guinevere
13 Midnight Rider
14 Got It Made
15 Southern Cross
16 Wooden Ships
17 Our House
18 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
19 Teach Your Children
20 Daylight Again > Find The Cost Of Freedom

WXRK-FM Broadcast > VHS HiFi Audio Master > Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > CD Wave Editor > Flac

3 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills & Nash – New York, NY (11/18/89)

  1. Cheers Mat,

    Tend to assume that there cannot be any more CSN significant broadcasts benefits etc that I haven’t managed to hoover up over the years. This one however has definitely slipped thru my net for some reason. Much appreciated.

    ps surprising that there is no Neil really as he was between the US and Europe legs of his acoustic tour at this time. Maybe he was doing the rock star thing on a beach somewhere.

    1. Yeah I was surprised when I started looking at it. As noted the files I originally downloaded all state CSN&Y, but then I noticed the setlist had no Neil songs and when I looked it up everything else shows it was without him.

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