Bob Dylan – London, England (02/06/90)

Bob Dylan
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
February 6th 1990

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Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Masters of War
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
Political World
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
What Was It You Wanted?
Blowin’ in the Wind
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Song To Woody
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Everything Is Broken
Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)
Man in the Long Black Coat
I Shall Be Released
Like A Rolling Stone
Dark As A Dungeon
Highway 61 Revisited

Source 1:

Probably LB-11092
Audience Recording
“Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes, JTT”

Source: Master Cassettes > Cassettes (1st. Copy) > 2 x TDK SF C60 Cassettes (Dolby B) >
Akai GX-95 Playback (Dolby B) > Soundforge 9 (Fades, Joins, Track Marks) > FLAC Level 6
Align on sector boundaries

Mastered by JTT, September 2007

Source 2:

Holy Grail Series: Never Did Learn To Drink That Blood And Call It Wine

Sound Quality: Excellent

From the original uploader:
This is the only version I have of this show and have not heard the other available sources so have no idea whether it is previously circulated. I recieved the tapes two days after the residency ended.

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – London, England (02/06/90)

  1. Absolutely essential gig (as all the gigs in this residency) . Can’t wait to hear how this version compares to the others i’ve heard/grabbed over the years. Wasn’t at this particular night, but i’ve listened to all these nights so many times that the boundaries become a bit blurred.

    Bob being very much Bob (in a good way). No ‘Frank’ or Great American Songbook here. And more glorious drumming from Mr Parker. What more could you possibly want?

    Oh ‘Those were the days’ as someone once put it!

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