Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders – San Anselmo, CA (01/20/72)

Garcia & Saunders
The Lion Share; San Anselmo, CA

Download FLAC: Google Drive

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid:009766
10″ master SBD reels @ 7.5 ips > 1 cassette generation
(Maxell XLIIS 100 Nakamichi CR-7A playback) > Lucid AD9624
24 bit A/D converter (44.1kHz) > Sony R500 DATx0 > DATs >

Extraction using EAC, tracking using CDWave,
.shn encoding using mkwACT, and sector
boundary verification using shntool.

Disc One (5) 59:42
–Set I–
1. That’s The Touch I Like [8:46] [0:22]
2. Man-Child Instrumental [28:06] [0:39]
3. When I Paint My Masterpiece [5:44] [0:10]
4. Expressway (To Your Heart) [8:35] [0:14]
5. That’s All Right Mama [6:55] [0:11]

Disc Two (6) 68:43
–Set II–
1. How Sweet It Is [9:23] [0:13]
2. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [8:01] [0:13]
3. My Problems Got Problems Instrumental [14:45] [0:02]
4. Lonely Avenue [13:08] [0:10]
5. Save Mother Earth Instrumental [11:39] ->
6. Imagine Instrumental [10:47] [0:13]

A gorgeous recording, except for persistent vocal distortion.

9 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders – San Anselmo, CA (01/20/72)

  1. If you do not have these Jerry/Merl shows you’ll want them. Fantastic stuff. I’m actually missing a bunch of these shows from 1972 so if you have any drop me a line. I’d love to get everything from this period of Jerry.

  2. Many thanks for this legendary run Mat! Only had one set of Jan. 19. I have also the “Pacific High Studio Live Jam”, June 2, 1972. I think it is fairly common, but if you need it, will gladly upload it.

  3. My earlier mistake was due to the old European (6/2/72) vs US (2/6/72) dating problem.
    Just discovered I also have June 30, 1972 Keystone Korner – again, will gladly upload a link if you’re interested.

    • I have the February date but not the June one. I would love to have it if you have time to share.

      These are the other shows from 72 I’m missing:

      Lion’s Share
      San Anselmo

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Keystone Korner
      San Francisco

      Berkeley Community Theater


      Longshoreman’s Hall
      San Francisco

      • Unfortunately, can’t help with your wish list. Sure hope someone does though!
        Will upload 06/30 today or tomorrow, only question is how: last couple of times I included a link in a comment here at the M.C. (most recently of a page listing all official GD releases at the 11/9/1979 Buffalo post) the comment did not appear (maybe there is a “defence” mechanism in place?).

  4. My spam filter sometimes catches comments that contain links or long lists. Thats probably what happened with the last comment that didn’t show. I think I saw it in my pending queue and eventually did make it “live.”

    You can try to just leave a comment with the upload link, or drop me an e-mail at

    Thank you!

    Since my source doesn’t have those shows that I’m missing I’m thinking they are probably pretty rare, or just not hanging out on the internet in the obvious places. But here’s hoping someones got them stash. These Jerry/Merl shows are killer.

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