Grateful Dead – London, England (03/23/81)

Grateful Dead
Rainbow Theatre
London, England

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–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Jack Straw
102-d1t02 – They Love Each Other
103-d1t03 – Cassidy
104-d1t04 – It Must Have Been the Roses ->
105-d1t05 – El Paso
106-d1t06 – Ramble on Rose
107-d1t07 – New Minglewood Blues
108-d1t08 – Sugaree
109-d1t09 – Lazy Lightnin’ ->
110-d1t10 – Supplication Jam

–Set 2–
201-d2t01 – Bird Song
202-d2t02 – Samson & Delilah
203-d2t03 – To Lay Me Down
204-d2t04 – Terrapin Station ->
205-d3t01 – Playing in the Band -> Jam
206-d3t02 – Drums* ->
207-d3t03 – Space ->
208-d3t04 – The Other One ->
209-d3t05 – Stella Blue ->
210-d3t06 – Sugar Magnolia

211-d3t07 – Casey Jones*

Source 1:

Taper: B.Koucky.
Condenser mics, portable JVC Boombox, 20 ft from stage left, hand held
on a riser 6ft off floor > Maxell UDXL-Is.

MAC playback on Nakamichi DR-2, no NR > Presonus Firebox > firewire > PC, XP-Pro > recorded as 24 bit/96 KHz PCM WAV, Wavelab 5 > Waves X-Noise and L3 Multimaximizer @ 24 bit > UVHR-22 (dither to 16/44.1) > CDWAV 1.9 > WAV
> FLAC. Transfer and lossless encoding by C.Ladner.

Seeded by the Green Mountain Bros, 12/2006.
This is a tagged version of shinid: 81275

Comments from the original uploader:
* w/ material from previously circulated MacDonald shn fileset.
The MacDonald source is missing less than 30 seconds of material from Drums and there was overlap between sources so that a complete performance recording is possible.

The Drummers apparently never leave the stage during Drums, and Space is short brief, and TOO-theme infused leading up to a Vesuvial Phil bomb TOO explosion. The encore is absent from Bill’s source and was patched from the prior circulating recording which by comparison has better dynamic range and more high frequencies which is entirely related to the microphones. Bill’s recording sounds great from close stage proximity and during the quiet passages in the second set its pretty cool to know that you are listening to Jerry’s guitar amp directly than the PA. There is a lot of close up noise at times. There is more bass on this recording though the high end on the previously circulated source is much cleaner and crisper. Still, for a 26 year old type I maxell master cassette made with a boombox, it sounds pretty good. I wish i had a picture of Bill with a ghetto blaster taping a dead show up close to the stage in london no less…

Source 2:

This is a tagged version of shnid: 139842

This is a 16/44 fileset. 24 bit to 16 via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Frank Streeter’s Master Audience Cassette (at the soundboard);
Sennheiser 421 > Sony TC-D5M (TDK MA90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz)>
KORG AudioGate 4 > Adobe Audition 3.0> TLH flac2496

Transfer by Charlie Miller
Mastered by Scott Clugston

– Thanks to Frank Streeter for the source cassettes
– Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer
– Thanks to the folks responsible for shnid: 6685 unknown audience source which supplies
from 15:15 thru 15:22 of “Playing In The Band” (a medalist contender for fastest tape flip)
– Between song transitions smoothed

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