Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Glasgow, Scotland (08/04/16)

04 August 2016
Glasgow, Scotland
Kelvingrove Bandstand.

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Moondance/So What/My Funny Valentine
02 The Way Young Lovers Do
03 By His Grace
04 Foreign Window
05 When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God
06 Carrying A Torch
07 Wavelength
08 The Beauty of the Days Gone By
09 Baby Please Don’t Go/ Don’t Start Crying Now
10 Here Comes the Night
11 Enlightenment
12 Precious Time
13 Wild Night
14 Sometimes we Cry
15 Whenever God Shines His Light
16 In the Afternoon/Raincheck
17 Brown Eyed Girl
18 Jackie Wilson Said
19 Real Real Gone
20 Help Me
21 Gloria

Big hand for the band:
Van Morrison – vocal, guitar, sax, harmonica
Paul Moran – keyboards
Dave Keary – guitar
Paul Moore – bass
Mez Clough – drums
Dana Masters – backing vocals

Recorded by Ding from third row in front of right hand speaker stack.
Tascam DR-05 > Soundforge > TLH FLAC8.

9 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Glasgow, Scotland (08/04/16)

  1. Thanks Mat –

    sorry to go off topic, but:
    Hey Bob fans, I’m listening to Blood on the Tracks and associated
    boots a lot at the moment — was there only ever the one (officially
    released) version of Simple Twist Of Fate ???? I thought there was
    another but I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. I can’t recall any alt version being released on any of the Bootleg Series releases. It wasn’t on Biograph, More Greatest Hits or Masterpieces either. Haven’t got my main Bob master drive plugged in right now, so can’t be absolutely sure.

    Next best (almost official) version is from the John Hammond TV Tribute. You can find it here, included as bonus trax, or oon some ‘grey release’ pirate CD/DVD releases


    1. thank you
      I think I must have confused it with big girl now alternative
      which sounds from same session?? just guitar plus electric bass

  3. ps this is another good Van show. Curent tour is pretty good, tight and focused. Recording here is VG+ to EX-. I personally found the Stuttgart gig (13 July) to be even better, both in trems of sound and performance/setlist.

  4. Yep Tony, you’ll find the awesome original ‘New York Sessions’ version of Big Girl Now on Biograph. One of several songs (incl Idiot Wind) which were re-recorded with a richer full band sound prior to the album release. Also on the ‘New York Session’ boot which is actually from a test pressing of the album as originally conceived.

  5. Tony, 2nd attempt – first vanished into the ether, so briefly

    Find the really ex alt (earlier) ver of ‘Big Girl Now’ on Biograph (Bio ‘mix’ of course) and several other BOT trax (incl ‘Idiot Wind’) on boot ‘New York Sessions’ copied from test pressing of orig ver of BOT album. Some trax were re-recorded prior to final rel, with a richer fuller band sound. Many of the other earlier versions were included on the first ‘Bootleg Series’ box ‘vol 1-5’.

    Try to find the boot if you can, the orig period sound/mix is far preferable to my ears.

  6. Sorry Tony, my ‘guidance’ has kept disappearing into God knows where. Definitely more of an issue with this blog host service

    Right, my posts aren’t appearing. No doubt they will all appear at once sometime soon

  7. Great comments, both about the Blood On The Tracks outtakes, and this show. PS Tony – Sony has a ‘Bootleg Series’ piece with all BOTT outtakes ready to go, from what I’ve heard, but held it up to put out the Self Portrait one instead. I feel 100% sure it will all see the light of day when they’re ready!

  8. Yes Grant, the longest ever rumour, that will one day turn into a reality i’m sure. Still think I’ll be listening to the period sound for the ones we’ve already got. With BOTT we are lucky in that regard. Mind you, from an article i read years back (in ISIS I think), there would seem to be a multitude of takes still lying around. in Sony’s defence they did do a wonderful job with the mix and mastering for the Cutting Edge, so I will reserve judgement. Also it was worth the wait for the Self Portrait stuff, which was revelatory

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