Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Fiery Darts – November 1979 Highlights


Bob Dylan
(Pink Panther Records)

Download: FLAC/MP3

A special production from Pink Panther -a single CD of some of the 1979 November highlights.
Music & sermons from the First Gospel Tour. If you scare easily, you should avoid this.
FLAC in fantastic sound.

01.Precious Angel (11-18)
02.Blessed Be The Name Sermon (11-19)
03.Blessed Be The Name (11-19)
04.Solid Rock Sermon (11-19)
05.Solid Rock (11-19)
06.Saved (11-16)
07.Slow Train Sermon (11-18)
08.Slow Train (11-18)
09.When You Gonna Wake Up? Sermon (11-19)
10.When You Gonna wake Up? (11-19)
11.I Believe In You (11-19)
12.Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) (11-07)
13.Saving Grace (11-16)
14.In The Garden Sermon (11-20)
15.In The Garden (11-19)
16.Covenant Woman (11-18)
17.When He Returns (11-20)
18.What Can I Do For You? (11-16)
19.Pressing On (11-19)


Co-produced by Detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau, President Vladimir Putin, Mr/The/Maybe President Donald Trump & newcomer Boris Johnson.

Boris is at a bit of a loose end now that he is no longer Lord Mayor of London, & with Vladimir so busy personally flying bombing missions in Syria in between buzzing US air force & navy assets in the Baltic,
along with The Donald busy taking over the republican party & laying bricks on the Mexican border, ‘
we need to spread the work load a bit & who better than Boris. Jacques, of course, is horrified at the prospect of working with the British.

Mastered at Lubyanka Sound Studios, KGB Headquarters, Moscow.

Another absolutely brilliant production from Jacques, Vladimir, The Donald, Boris and the death metal specialists at Lubyanka.

11 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Fiery Darts – November 1979 Highlights

  1. Oh yeah, plenty of great tapes from this period to pick from. Great performances, nice theatre acoustics, ‘reverent’ audiences and seemingly not too much steward hassle, as most seem to be recorded from close to the stage.

    To be honest though. If I was going to undertake the none too arduous task of picking and choosing from these, then I would take the opportunity to edit out the sermons!

  2. Maybe stick ’em on a bonus diec – something you have to send off for, after you’ve collected enuff Bob concert ticket stubbs. Just to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands! Not a great artistic decision to include ’em here. Anyway the music speaks for itself, as always with Bob.

    At least they had the good sense to split ’em as separate trax – I feel a custom playlist coming on…

    1. It is weird to include them here as this is just a one disk comp. I think I just love the idea that Bob Dylan was not only forsaking all of his old songs and just playing the new Jesus ones, but was so converted that he was preaching to a – no doubt – bewildered crowd every night. There is something so wonderfully odd about that.

    1. I assume that the Pink Panther bootleg company includes them as a bit of a joke in the same way they included all that silliness about Putin in the liner notes. I’ve kept the pictures because I like to share the sets exactly as I receive them.

      1. So there’s really a bootleg company called Pink Panther?! I always thought it’s a made up name by nellie at ER, and that it’s nellie who makes the compilations 😛
        Thank you for sharing these Pink Panther records.

    1. Thanks for confirming. I wasn’t sure about that myself, it’s just that when I looked up for Pink Panther Records on google I could not find anything 🙂

      1. I did the same thing. Them someone commented that they were all Nellie’s comps. Had a nice chat with her about them and she graciously agreed that I could post her stuff on my site too.

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