Allen Ginsberg (with Bob Dylan) – New York, NY (10/30/71)

Allen Ginsberg
PBS-TV Studios
New York City, New York
30 October 1971

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

1.  Unidentified Song
2. Nurse’s Song (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)
3. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg)
4. A Dream (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)
5. Mantra (?)

Allen Ginsberg (harmonium & vocal)
Bob Dylan (guitar)
Happy Traum (banjo & guitar)
David Amram (french horn, flute)
Gregory Corso (vocal)
Peter Orlovsky (vocal), and others.

Note. The available tape contains about half of the show.
Broadcast in mid-November in FREETIME on PBS-TV,
New York City, New York.
Incomplete mono TV broadcast
20 minutes

Session info updated 9 August 2001.

3 thoughts on “Allen Ginsberg (with Bob Dylan) – New York, NY (10/30/71)

  1. Hi Mat,

    looks interesting though not particularly ‘Dylanesque’.

    Seen the new Thousand Highways post.. back to 2003 again (aaaaaaaRGH!!!). This is where i know he is coming at his Dylan from a completely different direction to me. Truth is i agree with him about several things, but still think he is on the wrong track with this one! Just last week i was listening to yet another inspired and stunning performance from late ’02. Boy, Bob must have had some serious New Year bash that’s all I can think. The voice has never been the same since!

    Anyway reminded me of the one TRULY standout performance of 2003 from Berlin 20 Oct, which i sent you back whenever. Amazingly this performance, which is on another level to the rest of the tour altogether, is still only represented by ONE track, despite now 2 CDs and bonus cuts. How about sticking it up on the Cafe for others to make up their own minds, and to remind me that i’m not losing my judgement on these things altogether!!

    In your own time, and if you fancy the idea of course. Just seems like an opportune moment that’s all

    • I hate to say it but I don’t seem to have that show. I see the e-mail and I replied to it so presumably I downloaded it. I even have a folder for the show and folders inside it labeled like I should have the music but they are all empty. No idea what happened. My guess would be in the multiple times I’ve moved files around over the last few months they didn’t get moved properly.

      Ah just found it on Expecting Rain and the link is still good.

      I’ll repost it here soon.

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