Grateful Dead – Charlotte, NC (03/22/95)

The Grateful Dead
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte,North Carolina

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Set 1:

01. Crowd/Tuning
02. Jack Straw
03. Bertha
04. That Same Thing
05. Lazy River Road
06. Masterpiece
07. Tennessee Jed (Tape Flip After Song)
08. The Music Never Stopped
09. Set Break

Set 2:

10. ..Victim Or The Crime> (First Few Seconds? Missing)
11. Foolish Heart
12. Saint Of Circumstance
13. He’s Gone>
14. Drums..Drums> (Tape Flip Near Beginning Of Song)
15. Space>
16. I Want To Tell You
17. Attics Of My Life
18. Lovelight
19. Encore Break/Crowd/Tuning


20. The Mighty Quinn
21. Crowd

Comments:Huge thanks to Mr. Baker for sharing his tapes to transfer and share with aLL!First of two GD shows taped by Mr. Baker for this year and my start of the last GD spring tour.I always wanted to do a whole tour but due to commitments and/or lack of funds was never feasible.So equiped with backpack and the means to do some two footed traveling I parted with Mrs. and Mr. Baker at the entrance to the venue, off to record this show! It was not more than a minute or so when I heard someone calling my name waving a ticket “hey buddy need a ticket”!Friends who I spent
many nights partying with in NY equiped with my extra for this night! Thanks Daryl I hope I spelled your name right : )And so it began! We were all rewarded with an excellent show for 95 and I recall dancing while smiling and waving at Mrs. and Mr. Baker during the “Music Never Stopped”….ahhhhh home again!Only flaw is a short amount of music in the begining missing from “Victim Or The Crime”.Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – Charlotte, NC (03/22/95)

  1. Normally I would not leave a negative comment, and this comment is not about the show here specifically. But I can’t help saying, that I don’t quite see the need for GD shows from this time. Jerry Garcia was declining fast and was a shadow of his former self, the newer songs were not successful, the concert scene had degenerated into bad vibes and violence. There are so many fantastic GD shows from before 1984, when the band was still a force to be reckoned with. And there’s so much good music to listen to, and life is so short!

    • I get that. I wondered when someone would chime in with a response like this. I don’t have a good reply to it except that I do think there is some good music to be found here. Before I started posting these shows from 1995 I never really listened to the Dead in this period. Always heard they were dreadful and there was no point in giving these shows a try. But having now listened to a couple of shows I think that attitude is wrong.

      Don’t get me wrong 1995 is not 1969 or ’72, ’77 or even ’84, and Jerry is often completely off or more or less missing. But the rest of the band is still good and while they can’t make up for Jerry’s lack of presence they can still put on a pretty good show. And sometimes Jerry is feeling good and performs pretty good. I guess I’m saying I think these shows are worth the visit.

      But really I was spending so much time in the 60s I thought it would be interesting to visit them at the end. Once I did I’m obsessive enough that I want to get through the entire year. I know not everybody is going to like it and certainly there is an argument to make that I ought to spend time posting the really good years before I get to the uglier ones. Thing is I’m posting lots of other good music. I just finished uploading all my 1966 shows and now I’m gonna jump into 1975. So ignore 1995 if you want, and dig all the rest of the stuff I’m posting. I’ll finish with 1995 soon enough.

  2. Mat, you sure ARE posting lots of other GREAT music! I was just wondering about this, and thought to offer an opinion by a long-time GD fan – I do as you say, i.e. give these a miss and enjoy the other shows. Thanks again for everything you do.

    • Hope I didn’t come off as irritated that you comment. I appreciate your thoughts. Like I said I was kind of waiting for someone to ask me why I’m posting what is generally considered the Dead’s worst year.

  3. ..And another thought: 1975 is a great choice, just four shows but all four are experimental and ambitious, and very well played. Problem is (nobody here will mind I am sure, but you might want to keep it in mind) that three out of the four have been released officially: 3/23 on the bonus disk that came with the Beyond Description box set (except for the “Johnny B. Goode” encore), 8/13 was of course One From The Vault, and 9/28 recently as part of the 30 Trips box set. That leaves 6/17 Winterland – at least it is very good and circulates in a good SBD!

    • You are right about 1975. I was thinking they did a few more shows than that, but I guess I was wrong. Forgot they’d mostly been officially released as well. I do have some fun studio outtakes and the like from that year that I’ll post. Then I’ll probably move on to 1976 or maybe go backwards and hit up 1974. I’m thinking about keeping up with the 60s and hitting 1967 as well. There’s plenty of good stuff yet to come.

  4. 1974 is a super, super year – IMHO the music the GD delivered over 1972-74 is by far their best, and some of the best ever produced on the planet! 1976 is also excellent, IMO more exciting and adventurous than the smooth, professional shows of 1977. Many ’74 shows have been released officially, not so many from ’76. Would love to see shows from either year here at Midnight Cafe. I have those years covered myself (the holes in my collection are in the 1979-83 range), but folks who haven’t heard good shows from 1974 especially, are in for a very pleasant surprise! (A great and legendary show that comes to mind and I think has not been released officially is Seattle 5/21 with a fantastic version -the longest ever at 46 min.- of Playing In The Band. Another is 8/6 Roosevelt Stadium. The absolutely stunning Eyes of the World and “Playing ITB > Scarlet Begonias > PITB sequence from the first set (!!) have been issued on Dick’s Picks 31, but the excellent second set has not.)

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