Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Thetford, England (06/09/07)


Van Morrison
9 JUNE 2007

Download: MP3@102

CD 01 :
01 Wonderful Remark
02 Playhouse
03 Stranded
04 Have I Told You Lately [Las Vegas version]
05 Days Like This
06 Jackie Wilson Said
07 Magic Time
08 Stop Drinking
09 Bright Side Of The Road
10 This Love Of Mine
11 Domino
12 Moondance
13 Who Can I Turn To?
14 Real Real Gone >
You Send Me
15 Thatís Life

CD 02 :
01 Cleaning Windows >
Boppiní The Blues >
Be Bop A Lula
02 Only A Dream
03 Precious Time [scat ending]
04 Help Me >
Shake Your Money Maker [*, Singers only]
05 Brown Eyed Girl

The Van Morrison Band : The Crawford Bell Singers – [Crawford Bell : acoustic guitar on Wonderful Remark, Playhouse, Stop Drinking, Bright Side Of The Road, Cleaning Windows, and Brown Eyed Girl, and trumpet on Have I Told You Lately, Days Like This, This Love Of Mine, Domino, Moondance, Who Can I Turn To? and Thatís Life, Janeen Daly : tambourine on Brown Eyed Girl; Karen Hamill], Ned Edwards, Sarah Jory (banjo on Bright Side Of The Road), Paul Moore, Paul Moran, Neal Wilkinson.

Sonics + Sony PCM-M1 > Creative > Cool-Edit Pro > flac level 6 > you

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