Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Tampa, FL (04/07/95)


Grateful Dead
Tampa, Florida
Tampa Stadium

Download: FLAC/MP3

Fix of shnid 35148
This is a tagged version of shnid: 35364
Source: SBD>Cass>DAT>ZA2>Samlitude2496(WAV)>SHN>WAV>FLAC

Disc 1

1. Jack Straw
2. Peggy-O
3. Little Red Rooster
4. Loose Lucy
5. Materpiece
6. Visions of Johanna
7. Promised Land

Set 2
Disc 2

1. Eyes of the World
2. Saint of Circumstance
3. Samba In the Rain
4. Unbroken Chain
5. Corinna
6. Drums

Disc 3

1. Space
2. Eternity
3. Days Between
4. Not Fade Away
5. Crowd

6. U.S. Blues

-Supposedly all dats of Promised Land are cut. This is one of the few existing copies where it’s not.
-Transferred 5/03 by Chris Larson (gdvault@gmail.com)

When this source was first circulated, the flac files contained REPLAYGAIN tags. The wav files compressed inside the flac files are fine, but if you listen to the flac files themselves using a player like WinAMP, these tags cause all the tracks to be played at the same volume. That’s not good for concerts where some tracks are supposed to be louder than others.

There’s a new version of this source available. It has exactly the same wav files; it’s just the flac wrapper that’s different, the wrapper doesn’t have REPLAYGAIN set anymore. The new version has the same ffp file (since the wav’s are the same), but a new md5 file
(since the flac files are different). The md5 file for the old source is called “orig-flac-replaygain-md5”; the md5 file for the good new source is called “flac-md5”. If you have a source for this that matches the ffp, you can create the new source by unflac’ing the old source and then recompressing at flac level 8 using the flac command line tool or the flac frontend.

From now on, only the new version of the source should be circulated.

SteveSw – Nov, 2008

I made the transition between CDs 2 and 3 seamless by deleting the
overlap between them – simple and easy. shntool used to clean up
sector boundaries, SHNs were converted to FLACs.

Bill Tetzeli (btet@adelphia.net)
11:41 PM 6/26/2006

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