Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Albany, NY (11/03/93)


Jerry Garcia Band
Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Two Sources:

Source 1
This is a tagged version of shnid: 84783
Taper: Clay Brennecke
Location Rig: IFOB (Floor Section 2, Row 13, Sets 8 & 10) ~ Schoeps MK4’s > Custome Oade Pre Amp > Panasonic SV-255
Transferred: John E. Herrold
Transfer Lineage: Master SV-255 DAT > Sony PCM-2800 > PCM-R500 > Sound Devices 722 > Soundforge 8.0 > WAV

Source 2
FOB>>daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 4349

Set 1:
d1t01-How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, ,
d1t02-They Love Each Other,
d1t03-Freight Train* ** ***,
d1t04-I Shall Be Released,
d1t05-Run For The Roses,
d1t06-Dear Prudence,
d1t07-My Sisters And Brothers,
d1t08-Somebody To Love

Set 2:
d2t01-Shining Star,
d2t02-The Maker,
d2t03-Money Honey,
d2t04-Russian Lullaby,
d2t05-Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox,
d1t09-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,
d1t10-Midnight Moonlight

*=Freight Train is the Elizabeth Cotten tune, **=first time played, ***=only time played. A string had broke on Kahn’s bass, so after telling the audience: “We’re fixing a string on the bass, so y’all talk amongst yourselves”, Jerry led Melvin and Kemper through a soft, sincere reading: Jer on his acoustic patch and Melvin on piano.

7 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Albany, NY (11/03/93)

  1. I took a week off. We’ve been passing around various illnesses and work has been really busy and truth be told I was getting a little burned out. I have a tendency to push myself to upload and post as much stuff as I can and every now and again it fatigues me. I get that ‘what’s the point?’ feeling and I need to step away for a bit.

    I feel much better now and will start posting more shows come Monday. While I was off I started cleaning out an old external drive which is full of shows previously posted. I went through a bunch of them and sorted them. Some had previously been uploaded to Amazon so I moved them to another drive, others still have good Mediafire links so I noted that and moved on. Still others have bad links so I started reuploading them and will start posting that lot here in the next week or so.

    You can expect a good week or two of nothing but reposts because of that. Anyways, yea, I’m a bit refreshed. It feels good to just take a break and enjoy the music. I’ll see you soon.

  2. Recently received this show (another version than the two above) decent show from fall tour that has some sizzlers. This Albany show along with 11/5 Buffalo, 11/7 Cap Center, 11/9, Portland, and 11/16 Philly are also must-hears from that tour. Great to see ya back Matt!

  3. I hear you on the illness front – everyone in my family caught the “stomach bug” in the last week and boy, it can wipe you out. . . . Glad to hear you’re back and feeling refreshed!

    And thanks again for this JGB show (my first and only time seeing them live). . . .

    1. Its been crazy here. My daughter’s elementary school had something like 80 kids out last week. Several people have died from the flu.

      We haven’t been that severe but it seems like we keep passing variations of the stuff back and forth.

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