Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Los Angeles, CA (11/12/90)


Jerry Garcia Band
Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

FOB Master Audience:
Master info:
Seats Orch Row H Seat 118 (Aisle 4) = 12 Row
MAC: Toa k1’s “active” (about 6’high) > Sony WM-TCD-6C > Maxell MX-90’s x 2 (Dolby C on)

MAC: Tascam 302 Dolby C on > Monster Y (RCA splitter) > Monster interlink 101 RCA > 1/4″> Fostex (stock) FR2-LE 24bit/48khz (dual mono) BWF > Transcend 133x CF card

(one channel had horrid mic connection issues- due to the “active” capsules connections)

Recorded by: ArchivalAudio ArchivalAudio [at] gmail [dot] com

Transfer info:
> usb > iBook G4 1.2 GHZ / 1.25 GB RAM OSX 10.4.1 1> BWF opened in Peak5.2 [tracked and faded] [DC bias removal] [Carbon MDA VST effects-Image-plugin- MS->LR] regions exported .wav24 48khz

wav24 opened in Sample Manager 3.1.3 [iZotope resampler – MBIT+]
(iZotope 64-bit SRC utilizes a hyrbrid algorithm | MBIT+ dithering algorithm features psychoacoustic noise shaping) > 16 bit 44.1khz > xACT v1.62 to FLAC (level 8 ) fix SBE’s generate ffp and len (shntool) output

Recorded, Transfered, Mastered & Seeded by Ian Stoy aka ArchivalAudio

Set 1
t01 % > Cats Down Under The Stars
t02 And It Stoned Me
t03 That’s What Love Will Make You Do (including early start)
t04 Forever Young
[Tape Flip]
t05 Tough Mama
t06 Brother’s and Sister’s >
t07 > Deal

=== Natural Disc Break ===

Set 2

t08 Crowd
t09 Second That Emotion
t10 Dear Prudnece
t11 Mississippi Moon
[Tape Flip]
t12 Russian Lullaby
t13 Think (Just in case we both were wrong)
t14 Rubin & Cherise
t15 Tangled Up In Blue

Notes from the original uploader:
Flaws = a Mono Recording as the Right Channel was plagued by heavy mic connection (“active” cable) crackles, though the Left channel was clear and fine.

A Second or two missing at the beginning of Cats (Classic Jerry at the Wiltern- they began playing while the curtain was still down!)
~ 50 seconds a slight mic connection crackle
~ 10.01 – 10.11 slight mic connection crackles
28.32 a balloon pop – hand minimized…
The tape flips were not cross-faded, as peak does not offer that, but I faded out and in and hand spliced the flip so it’s not that bad.

I opted to use the Carbon MDA VST effects-plugin- MS->LR :
in order to give a little bit of life I used the MS->LR to “create” a bit of a simulated stereo sound.
first normalize to: -1.0db
Bounce: Carbon MDA VST effects-plugin- MS->LR -4db
Remove DC offset- Normalize to -0.5db

Brief Story:
Since no other source of this show has surfaced…
I am (and have been for a number of years… 18 or so…) trying to master the best sounding recording from my existing master FOB AUD. I have plans to also do some 24 bit mastering of the rest of the run, which has been previously upped by Candleman at 16 bit. John DeTally and I recorded often as a team both running my Mics the “infamous” TOA-K1’s into our Sony WM-D6C’s my deck usually ran first then John’s. I believe that John, had a final on Monday nite, So I went in “solo”, with other friends who helped me get the gear in and record. The That’s What Love Will Make You Do, is simply Smokin! Deal, Second That Emotion, Dear Prudence, Russian Lullaby, Rubin & Cherise! and the finale- Tangled Up in Blue! Actually the whole show was amazing!

the 24bit version was released on 12.25.08 – and I now have an accurate way to convert the files to 16/44.1 see the above link to samplemanager

please enjoy!

– I know you will-

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