Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia – Garcia Comp. Vol. 3

jerry garcia 1974

Jerry Garcia
Garcia Compilation (Volume 3)

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Think 2/9/74
2. Someday Baby 7/8/73
3. Let It Rock 11/15/74
4. He Aint Give You None 8/24/74
5. The Harder They Come 11/28/74
6. Its No Use* 6/30/72
7. Roadrunner 2/5/74

2/9/74 Master SBD Reels > Sony TC-377 by Ed Perlstein
7/8/73 KSAN FM > MR > Dat > CD
11/15/74 SBd > MR > cass > dat > cdr
8/24/74 10″ Master SBd Reel > cass > dat > cd > eac >shn
11/28/74 Master SBD Reel > pcm > dat > cdr
6/30/72 MSR > dat > cdr > eac > shn > Protools > shn
2/5/74 MSR > pcm > dat by Ed Perlstein

From the original uplo9ader

*So far as I can tell, this is the first Its no Use. The Jerry Site seems to confirm this…

Without me intending it, this volume became a Garcia and Saunders compilation. Plenty more on the shelf, so many songs yet to cover, but I was just in a jazzy mood. The horns sound great! Look for more in a day or two. Enjoy! Chris Davis (7/21/05)

4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia – Garcia Comp. Vol. 3

  1. Nice idea these compilations! I have most of the tracks myself so can cue them on my player w/out downloading these, but they are a wonderful intro for anyone wishing to explore Garcia’s output.
    Need some advice: I contribute to a private blues blog, and have the thought of offering a compilation like Mat’s entitled “Jerry Garcia – Blues Guitarist”. Would welcome any suggestions of tracks with Garcia playing blues numbers, whether with the GDead or his own bands, pre-1984.

    1. go to garcia base list in later deadbase books. they list songs everytime played and dates played. Also dead base fo the gratefful dead. if you don’t have access, let me know, mayabe I can email you a copy of pages. Although, there would be alot of pages. Maybe us mail.

  2. Thanks, but I have Deadbase and all setlists. I meant suggestions of favourite versions, with particularly good blues guitar by Jerry.

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