Neil Young – Zuma Live Compilation

Neil Young
ZUMA Live compilation

Download FLAC: Google Drive

01. Don’t Cry No Tears
02. Danger Bird
03. Pardon my Heart
04. Lookin’ For A Love
05. Barstool Blues
06. Stupid Girl
07. Drive Back
08. Cortez The Killer
[There is no known live recording of “Through My Sails”]

Venue/Date Info:
01. Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL: 15-Nov-1976 (Late)
02. Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA: 13-Nov-1990
03. Bottom Line, New York, NY: 16-May-1974
04. Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA: 23-Mar-1975
05. Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA: 07-Feb-1984 (Late)
06. Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA: 21-Mar-1996
07. Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA: 21-Nov-1986
08. Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam: 21-Jun-2001

Line-up Info:
01 & 02, 05-08 with Crazy Horse
03. Solo
04. with The Band

Here’s something I compiled for fun a while back. It’s my favorite live versions of the songs from one of my very favorite Neil Young LPs. I’ve shared a few copies of this in trades/giveaways, but thought it might be nice to torrent as well…

All of the above were sourced from CDRs that I acquired by trade.
Various CDRs > EAC > wav > FLAC

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