Bob Dylan – Birmingham, England (06/07/89)

Bob Dylan
June 7 1989
National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, England

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1. Subterranean Homesick Blues
2. Lonesome Town
3. Highway 61 Revisited
4. You’re A Big Girl Now
5. John Brown
6. All Along The Watchtower
7. Barbara Allen
8. Girl Of The North Country
9. Mr Tambourine Man
10. Silvio
11. I Shall Be Released
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. Blowin’ In The Wind
14. One Too Many Mornings
15. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
16. Congratulations
17. Maggie’s Farm

Source 1:


“No Photographs Please”
Label:Wanted Man / WMM 051

silver cd>EAC (secure mode)>TLH> flac (Level-8)>md-5>torrent

artwork incluided

ffp does match LB-6803

More info:

Source 2:

SHN Files
(79min), from master, excellent sound, better and different source
version than bootleg cd No Photographs Please; this version has complete t1 and
vocals are more upfront

Source 3:


(Transfer From 2nd Generation Tape, JTT)

Excellent Audience Recording

No idea whether this source has circulated as I have had no reason to compare with any other.

SOURCE: Master Cassette > Copy (JG) > Maxell XL11 (Dolby B) > Akai GXC-570D (Dolby B) >
Line in to Soundforge 9 > FLAC Level 6 align on sector boundaries

Transfer & Artwork, JTT August 2009

Source 4:

(48min+36min), Taper: Legendary Taper: D, Lineage: Sennheiser MKE 2002 >Sony WM 6 (Maxell XLIIS) >DAT 48kHz >, Hard Drive >ssrc 44.1kHz >wave convert to >flac (dbpoweramp Music Converter), >md5summer; bittorrent download 02/09; these are same recording based on sme clapping wavs at end of d1t8; in comparison this has fullest warmest sound, and then LB-654 and hg LB-1301 are similar; excellent sound [A-]

squeaking noises end of d1t3 plus some more occasionally; drop/cut end of d1t9

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Birmingham, England (06/07/89)

  1. bobsboots on this one : Review:
    A less than fantastic (but by no means bad by 1989 standards) audience recording of an excellent show. The recording level is loud, but
    not ‘front row’ and overall it sounds a bit muddy. The guitars and drums are fighting for center stage along with Dylan’s vocals. Part of the opening song is missing, and Silvio features some muffling. The performance itself is excellent rock and roll, with an interesting (and surprisingly good) outing for the Traveling Wilburys’ Congratulations. Packaging is typical of Wanted Man: minimal front and back insert, but the photos are nice. The hooded shot is from 4 days earlier in Dublin. A fairly decent disc from a year under-represented on cd.
    © 2002 M McGarr /

    View enlarged images below

    Source / Venue:
    NEC Birmingham, UK June 7, 1989
    Manufacturer / Catalog No.
    Wanted Man / WMM 051

    7 stars
    Download covers for printing

    Bob’s Boots ref #
    Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans & review

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