Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s Dream, Vol. 2

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan’s Dream, Vol 2
Historic Live Performances Vol. II

I only ever had this in low quality MP3 and I’ve lost that.  If anyone has it in FLAC please send it my way.

Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Talkin’ John Birch Society
Bob Dylan’s Dream
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Talking World War III Blues
Hard Rain
With God On Our Side
Mr. Tambourine Man (1)
Gerde’s Folk City:
Talkin’ New York
Corrina, Corrina
Deep Ellum Blues
Blowin’ In The Wind
Sally Gal (Adapted from Woody Guthrie)
Highway 51 (Curtis Jones)

Source / Venue:
The Bear Club, Chicago, IL April or May 1963 Except:
(1) Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK May 27, 1966
Gerde’s Folk City, NY April or May 1962
Carnegie Chapter Hall, NY Sept. 22 1962

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Living Legend / LLR CD012

Bob’s Boots Review:

Some famous early material comprise this Label’s sophomore Dylan issue. All material except Carnegie are soundboard recordings. Some better than others. The Bear is very nice. Arguably the best performance ever of ‘With God On Our Side’ (minus the last verse)
(1) Fair to good both in quality & performance Gerde’s: Very nice. Upfront and strong.
Carnegie: Poor audience recording
The aesthetics are simplistic and the packaging is minimal, although the cover photo is nice.

2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s Dream, Vol. 2

  1. Hi Mark, I really appreciate your effort. You have no idea how much! On this one, though, I have a question: Did I miss vol 1?

    Thanks again, Steve


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