Bob Dylan – Los Angeles, CA (05/23/84)

Bob Dylan
1984 Tour Rehearsals
Beverly Theater
Los Angeles, CA
May 23rd, 1984

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01 Maggie’s Farm
02 All Along The Watchtower
03 Just Like A Woman
04 When You Gonna Wake Up
05 Shelter From The Storm
06 Watered-Down Love
07 Masters Of War
08 Jokerman
09 Simple Twist Of Fate
10 Simple Twist Of Fate
11 Man Of Peace
12 I And I
13 Itís All Over Now Baby Blue
14 Ballad Of A Thin Man
15 Heart Of Mine
16 Highway 61 Revisited , Around And Around
17 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
18 unidentified instrumental
19 Itís All Over Now Baby Blue
20 Angel Of Rain (aka Almost Done),
21 Always On My Mind
22 Every Grain Of Sand
23 Girl From The North Country

Source 1: LB-7910
Angel Of Rain (Rattle Snake RS226)

From the original uploader.

According to the liner notes on Angel Of Rain (included in the torrent) : ìThis tape was only recently discovered amongst a pile of long lost
mater-tapes and it sounds fantastic. All recorded in superb stereo soundboard quality and digitally fine tuned
and remastered by The Snake, this album is now a truly legendary document of a tour rehearsal where this setlist
looked much more interesting than the actual touring playlist! Now thatís what I call a keeper for the burning
temples in flames!î It is a very good to excellent but slightly hissy stereo soundboard recording which is a joy
to listen to.

CD-R from source > dBpowerAMP set to co0mpression level 6 > flac
From my harddiscs a rare recording in good quality
Thanks to the original uploader.

Source 2: LB-9828

Shortly before the full tape of this rehearsal emerged, this tape circulated.

Length 63 minutes (PA studio recording). I think this tape is slightly better quality than my full tape (approximately 20 minutes longer).
It’s unclear why this incomplete tape emerged, although as the instrumentals are missing one could guess that someone was ‘cleaning up’ the session a bit. However as some songs are totally missing (Thin Man, Girl From the North Country, Almost done, Highway 61 revisited) and the three false starts are still included that seems like a poor guess. Anyway this is the rehearsal as it first appeared.

Source my Tape -> Tascam102 -> cooledit pro (normalisation, cuts, edits, fades) -> traders little helper.

Source 3:

Angel of Rain.  No other source info

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