Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia & Mickey Hart – San Francisco, CA (09/06/69)

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart
SEPT. 6, 1969
San Francisco, CA

Download FLAC: Google Drive

I previously posted the Grateful Dead show from the same night here.

This is a tagged version of shnid: 95936

DRUMS* > JAM* ~ 26:57


Rob Eaton lists:
09/06/69 The Family Dog, San Francisco Ca – xcerpt
4.4, 047min, Sbd, A0D1, Cass M->Dat 1, 44k,
Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->3700 x 0->3800 x 1


A Teddy “GoodBear” ReSeed

9 thoughts on “Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia & Mickey Hart – San Francisco, CA (09/06/69)

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  2. This was released commercially as the final track of “Live at the Family Dog Ballroom”, a Jefferson Airplane CD.

  3. So most shows don’t come with cover art. When that happens I use google to find something. But since most of the shows don’t actually have photos of them at all – at least not ones I can easily find and that aren’t covered in copyright tags – I just try to find something relatively close to the time period. To be honest I don’t try all that hard as I’d rather spend my time collecting the music rather than searching for the picture.

    In this case I saw one with some members of the Airplane and Mickey and called it good. I know no one was really complaining but i thought I’d go over the fact that you should never rely on my images being correct.

  4. Please keep posting cover art and rare photos like this one. It’s a classic from a S.F. ballroom jam so a perfect complement to this music. You’ve found so many great photos that I tag onto shows that don’t have art. This one might come from the final night of Country Joe and the Fish at the Fillmore West (another commercial release). That show ended with a monster jam including Jerry, Jorma and others; Jack was filling in with the Fish in 1969 so he was there too. So that’s my guess for this photo.

    • Oh, I’ll keep posting photos. The posts would just seem so much more boring without them. I’ve often thought if I ever stop posting the shows I’d just run a fun little concert photo site. Just for kicks.

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