Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Charlotte, NC (11/06/16)

bob dylan - charlotte - 2016 _1106

Bob Dylan
Charlotte, North Carolina
Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Belk Theater
November 6, 2016

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 – Things Have Changed
02 – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
03 – Highway 61 Revisited
04 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
05 – High Water (for Charley Patton)
06 – I Could Have Told You
07 – Early Roman Kings
08 – Love Sick
09 – Tangled Up In Blue
10 – Lonesome Day Blues
11 – Make You Feel My Love
12 – Pay In Blood
13 – Melancholy Mood
14 – Desolation Row
15 – Soon After Midnight
16 – All Or Nothing At All
17 – Long And Wasted Years
18 – Autumn Leaves


19 – Blowin’ In The Wind
20 – Why Try To Change Me Now

Band Members:
Bob Dylan – piano, harp
Tony Garnier – bass
George Recile – drums
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar, maracas
Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
Donnie Herron – violin, banjo, pedal steel, lap steel

Here is the ninth and final upload in a run of shows from Spot on the current tour. the eagled eyed amongst you will have noticed that I skipped a show, Spot did attend but there was an equipment failure that caused him to use other gear. He is currently tweaking it but unless it comes up to standard it will not get released. I am aware that others recorded the show so hopefully they will fill the gap.
Placing Spots recordings on here first has worked quite, I’m encouraged by the kind remarks and thanks as is Spot so probably future tours will be posted to the world first here. So enjoy !!

Spot and I thank you for the fine comments and thanks.
We have no issue with them being placed elsewhere if we are credited and
would prefer not to see remixes, but thats up to you.

The Caretaker

103 mins

This is a SPOT recording (thanks again as ever) and the equipment used was:
Core Sound High End Binaural (HEB) DPA 4061

10 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Charlotte, NC (11/06/16)

  1. Thanks, Mat! Here’s a riddle I have no answer to. On his website, Bob has no U.S. dates scheduled this year. On boblinks, he’s playing in Thackerville, OK on 10/13. Whichever, why Thackerville, OK? Relatives, maybe?

    1. I heard that Dylan has donated lots and lots of his personal archival stuff to some university in OK., in keeping with the works of Woody Guthrie……….

      1. Yes some big rich philanthropist bought the Dylan archive and its now stored at the University of Tulsa. Its supposed to have all sorts of hand written lyrics, personal artifacts and lots and lots of soundboard tapes. Unfortunately it is not open to the public (yet, they say it eventually will be). Only journalist and scholars allowed. They say that if you want to listen to the music you have to have a specific show in mind, and give specific reasons for wanting to listen. Then they search you for recording devices.

        It is just down the road from where I live so I’ve been trying to find someway to get into it and have a look.

    2. That is a good question. He’s played Thackerville quite a few times over the last decade. It always seems like a strange choice to me as its a tiny, nothing town. It does have a big casino which is where Bob plays. It is about halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas so maybe he’s trying to get the best of those cities. Who knows?

      I thought it might be close to some Woody Guthrie connection but I can’t find any.

      1. This blog is about as close to the Dylan Archive as I’ll ever need to be. Thanks for all the hard work!

      2. From Wikipedia — The Bob Dylan Archive is a collection of documents and objects relating to American singer Bob Dylan. It was announced on March 2, 2016 that the archive had been acquired by the George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) and the University of Tulsa (TU). It will be under the care of the University’s Helmerich Center for American Research.[1]

        The archive consists of more than 6,000 items, including notebooks, contracts, unreleased concert films and the leather jacket Dylan wore at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.[2] Most of the material has never before been seen by members of the public; it will now be made available for research and will form the basis of public exhibitions.[3] The Woody Guthrie Centre Archives were purchased earlier by the GKFF and are already housed in Tulsa.[4]

        Dylan is quoted as saying “”I’m glad that my archives, which have been collected all these years, have finally found a home and are to be included with the works of Woody Guthrie and especially alongside all the valuable artifacts from the Native American Nations. To me it makes a lot of sense and it’s a great honor.

  2. I talked with a guy at the snack-bar counter at a theatre in L.A. once who told me that he would go to shows in a wheelchair, which concealed all the equipment for taping the shows. Could that have been Spot?

    1. I know Mike Millard used to do that. He was notorious for recording all the big named acts at the LA Forum. I have no idea how SPOT captures so many shows but he might do something similar.

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