Lou Reed – New York, NY (09/21/79)

Lou Reed
Live at the Miller Theater
Columbia University
New York, NY
Friday, 21 September 1979

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lineage: CD-Rs received in trade -> Back to Wav with ACXtractor -> 2-second gaps removed with Creative WaveStudio -> FLAC 8

Disc One
1. Sweet Jane 5:20
2. Iím Waiting for the Man 7:23
3. Iíll Be Your Mirror 6:36
4. Perfect Day 5:42
5. Leave Me Alone 8:56
6. Men of Good Fortune 4:48
7. The Kids 5:28
8. The Bed 5:32
9. Caroline Says II 4:50
10. Looking for Love 6:41
11. Coney Island Baby 12:10

Disc Two
12. All Through the Night 15:19
13. Street Hassle 11:57
14. Rock and Roll / You Keep Me Hanginí On 14:10
15. Heroin 18:00

From the original uploader:
This was the rehearsal show for the Autumn 1979 European leg of Lou Reedís ìThe Bellsî Tour, and even more significantly, this was a historic show for fans of Suzanne Vega.
Suzanne has repeatedly regaled audiences and interviewers alike with tales of a date who took her to her first rock concert, a 1979 Lou Reed perfomance.

Though she claims she was appalled by his on-stage behavior — swearing and flicking lit cigarettes into the audience — the show still impressed her: “Suddenly it hit me that I could write about things I had experienced without softening up the edges or apologizing for it or putting it in a nice package necessarily,” recalled Vega in the Los Angeles Times.

And this was the very show that gave Suzanne that revelation, made her a fan of Mr. Reed, and eventually influenced her composition of her most notable hit, “Luka” — two decades later, Suzanne admitted she “was listening to Lou Reed’s Berlin album on the day that I wrote ëLukaí, probably to sharpen and focus myself.”

6 thoughts on “Lou Reed – New York, NY (09/21/79)

  1. Hi – thanks Mat! very cool indeed.
    I do have a lot of problems d/loading these days –

    Could somebody offer opinion on sound quality?
    many thanks
    from the “original” tony 🙂

    • I’d say its decent. It is definitely an audience recording, you can hear lots of crowd noise at the beginning and end of songs, though once the music gets going it drowns most of that out. It has that distant muddled sound you get from some audience tapes, like you are listening to the radio from one room over. But it is very listenable. It helps that Lou is in full-on rock mode so the music is loud.

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