Van Morrison – The Best of 2000

Van Morrison
Best of 2000, Vols. 1 – 5
compiled by drmuzk000
(various venues, cities, states, countries)

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: Unknown audience recordings with unknown equipment
Artwork included – thanks to HB

Compliler’s comments: “I must confess I have been putting off doing a Best Of 2000 compilation for quite some time as I thought I would have trouble filling 2 CDs, let alone 5. Well, I have finished it and am quite happy with it. I must state now that this compilation ends on July 6, 2000-the last date with the Johhny Scott band and the start of the assault to my senses by Linda Gail Lewis and all that entailed. When I did the Best Of 2001 I included a few numbers with her in the band-but by that time some of the band proficiency issues had been sorted out. I don’t know when Van had decided to go this route but 2000 contained a great many uninspired shows-but there are some true gems in here. At least we still had the horn section-which is a big thing to me. Another bonus for me was my vast choice of versions of Philosopher’s Stone and It’s All In The Game-2 of my favorite songs. Philosopher’s Stone was performed 15 times and Game no less than 32 times in the period before Linda Gail So we have 3 Philospher’s and 4 Game and 3 Man’s World tossed in as well because it also is among my favorites-2 with Farlowe-1 solo

CD 1:
01. Here Comes The Night (2000-01-29, Las Vegas, Nevada, early show)
02. Baby Please Don’t Go (2000-01-29, Las Vegas, Nevada, early show)
03. Have I Told You Lately (2000-01-29, Las Vegas, Nevada, late show)
04. Hard Nose The Highway (2000-01-28, Las Vegas, Nevada)
05. Give Me A Kiss (2000-01-28, Las Vegas, Nevada)
06. Tupelo Honey (2000-01-28, Las Vegas, Nevada)
07. Fever (2000-01-28, Las Vegas, Nevada)
08. These Dreams Of You (2000-01-22, Reno, Nevada)
09. Philosopher’s Stone (2000-01-21, Reno, Nevada)
10. Northern Muse-Solid Ground (2000-01-25, Los Angeles, California)
11. Tupelo Honey (2000-01-25, Los Angeles, California)
12. The Healing Game (2000-01-25, Los Angeles, California)
13. Help Me (2000-01-25, Los Angeles, California)
14. Star Of The County Down (2000-06-02, Galway, Ireland)
15. Summertime In England (2000-05-12, Copenhagen, Denmark)

CD 2:
01. New Biography (2000-05-05, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)
02. Golden Autumn Day (2000-05-05, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)
03. Naked In The Jungle (2000-03-30, Brighton, UK)
04. Satisfied (2000-03-30, Brighton, UK)
05. Georgia On My Mind (2000-03-30, Brighton, UK)
06. When The Leaves Come Falling Down (2000-03-18, Glasgow, Scotland)
07. Vanlose Stairway (2000-02-09, Oxford, UK)
08. It’s All In The Game (2000-02-09, Oxford, UK)
09. Philosopher’s Stone (2000-02-09, Oxford, UK)
10. Help Me (2000-02-09, Oxford, UK)
11. It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (2000-02-09, Oxford, UK)

CD 3:
01. Bring It On Home To Me (2000-02-25, York, UK)
02. Raincheck (2000-02-25, York, UK)
03. In The Afternoon (2000-02-25, York, UK)
04. It’s All In The Game (2000-02-25, York, UK)
05. Lonesome Road (2000-02-26, York, UK)
06. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God (2000-02-26, York, UK)
07. Can’t Stop Loving You (2000-02-26, York, UK)
08. Georgia On My Mind (2000-02-26, York, UK)
09. Help Me (2000-02-26, York, UK)
10. It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (2000-02-26, York, UK)
11. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (2000-02-26, York, UK)
12. Fast Train (2000-02-26, York, UK)

CD 4:
01.That’s Life (2000-06-13, Swansea, Wales)
02.Sometimes We Cry (2000-06-13, Swansea, Wales)
03.Jackie Wilson Said (2000-06-13, Swansea, Wales)
04.Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (2000-06-14, Swansea, Wales)
05.One Irish Rover (2000-04-21, LLandudno, Wales)
06.Bright Side Of The Road (2000-04-21, LLandudno, Wales)
07.See Me Through-Soldier Of Fortune-Thank You (2000-04-21, LLandudno, Wales)
08.I Know An Old Lady (2000-06-10, Oslo, Norway)
09.Goodnight Irene (2000-03-14, Birmingham, UK)
10.I Believe To My Soul (2000-03-14, Birmingham, UK)
11.It’s All In The Game (2000-03-14, Birmingham, UK)
12.Philosopher’s Stone (2000-03-14, Birmingham, UK)
13.It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (2000-03-14, Birmingham, UK)

CD 5:
01. Did Ye Get Healed-Yeh Yeh (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, late show)
02. Rough God Goes Riding (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, late show)
03. High Summer (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, late show)
04. Don’t Start Crying Now (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, late show)
05. Sack O’ Woe-04-27 (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
06. Symphony Sid (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
07. Outskirts Of Town (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
08. Is You Or Is You Ain’t My Baby (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
09. Gotta See Baby Tonight (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
10. Who Can I Turn To (2000-04-27, Cheltenham, UK, early show)
11. Dead Or Alive (2000-04-20, Blackpool, UK)
12. Goin’ Home (2000-04-20, Blackpool, UK)
13. Tore Down A La Rimbaud (2000-04-20, Blackpool, UK)
14. Fire In The Belly (2000-04-20, Blackpool, UK)
15. It’s All In The Game (2000-04-20, Blackpool, UK)
16. Whenever God Shines His Light (2000-07-06, Portsmouth, UK
17. Stand By Me (2000-07-06, Portsmouth, UK)

Total time = 387:05

4 thoughts on “Van Morrison – The Best of 2000

  1. I share the dislike of the Linda Gail Lewis shows, they leave me cold. I came in to this one to see if I could cull much from the June 10th Norwegian Wood show, but there was just the one track, and I have the other shows pretty much. And if it’s not rude to ask, Mat and the blogosphere, the other show I have never seen available that gets great reviews is Luzern 2002. I’ll go and have a look to see if chunks of that made the best of 2002. Many thanks Mat for such an invaluable source of great shows, wishing you a lovely Christmas and new year ahead. Mark in Worcester.

    • You are always welcome to make requests. I don’t know how many people will see it in such an old post, but maybe someone will. I don’t have that show, but will keep my eyes out.

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