Neil Young – Toronto, Canada (07/16/72)

Neil Young
Mariposa Folk Festival
Toronto Island
Ontario, Canada

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source 1 has these songs:

Sugar Mountain
Heart Of Gold

Source 2 has these songs:

Needle and Damage Done
Ohio – Don’t Let it Bring You Down
Cowgirl In The Sand
A Man Needs A Maid
Heart Of Gold
Down By The River

Source 1:

lineage: audience > ? > analog cassette > DAT > CDR > EAC > FLAC
Thanks to Tetanus Shot

Source 2:

Sometimes you go to etree and look at a show that you have. It may have pages of owners so
I think oh well not a rare one. But some like this one, have very few owners ( only 1 in this case ).
Definatly an Old School Recording, not bad sound with no idea on the generations.

etree link

Recording source: Soundboard

Transfer source: my cassette to pc from sony D3 through SB X-Fi Audio 2400 sound card

Transfer: Sony D3 > Jet Audio (>PCM 44,1000 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) > CDWav > Flac Level 8

Taper: unknown

Flac Ffp or Md5: Yes see below

Another Classic from the DUBWISE GARAGE COLLECTION

13 thoughts on “Neil Young – Toronto, Canada (07/16/72)

  1. Are you sure source 2 is from the same performance as source 1 Mat? If it is this is a major find. Sugar Mountain & Etree both list only the 4 songs.Have you compared the 2 versions of Heart Of Gold to see if they match?

  2. Hey Mat. I just listened to both versions of Heart of Gold. I am 99% positive source 2 is from January 1971 as Neil played it a lot on piano that tour. A quick look found 5 shows (1-19 Early & Late, 1-21 Early & Late, 1-22 Early) where all 7 of those songs were played. Again, it was a quick look so maybe there was another show I missed. I am however 100% positive it is not from the same performance as the first source unless he played it twice, once on acoustic and once on piano. With Neil anything is possible but I highly doubt it. I’ve always wanted the 72 so thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for researching this. If it is not from the Toronto show then I don’t know where it is from. What is interesting to me is that if you look at the notes for that source there is a link to the etree listing. That link takes you to a list of the users who have that source and at the bottom it lists out the setlist thats included in that source. But if you click at the date link at the top if takes you to the first sources setlist. I’m not sure if I’m making sense, but there does seem to be a back end listing on etree for the songs listed in the second source. Not that it is still correct, but I found it interesting.

  4. The second source could be from this film sountrack, from Needle onwards. Originally broadcast in 1972(!).
    Swingin Mit Neil Young
    Neil Young documentary by Dutch filmmaker Wim Van Der Linden includes part of concert from 1/22/71 Stratford CT.
    American Shakespeare Theatre and interview material filmed on Neil’s ranch on 2/09/71 Originally broadcast in Europe in 1972
    Tell Me Why
    Heart Of Gold
    Out On THe Weekend
    Old Man
    Journey Through The Past
    The Needle And The Damage Done
    Don’t Let It Bring You Down
    Cowgirl In The Sand
    A Man Needs A Maid/Heart Of Gold
    Down By The River

  5. Hey Mat. Sorry for the late reply. Been a very busy couple of days. I do see what you’re saying. It is odd. For me the biggest sign the second source is from a different show is that Heart of Gold is played twice and the second time on piano. To my knowledge he only did that on the early 71 acoustic tour. But again, with Neil who knows? Hey mztoinen – I have never heard of this documentary. Do you now if it’s online?

    • Hey Michael, just found the setlist on etree 1972-?-?. Don’t have it. The reason I believe the source 2 is from late January like 1971-01-22 is that Neil sings “Man is afraid” in Man needs a maid. He changed that line at the end of January and recorded the song early February and probably used the recorded line since. I think the songlisting in source 2 makes sense if you see the transition from Ohio—-Don’t Let It Bring You Down created on the cutting table for the document and not actually done by Neil. Cheers, MZ

  6. Have not seen the document. It was rebroadcast “Eins Festival” 11. June 2011. And there seems to be a JTT remaster around. I was hoping Mat could find it. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the conversation. It is all very interesting. So are we definitely saying the second source on this comes from that documentary or are we still guessing at it? I looked for the audio for the documentary in my files but I’m not seeing it just yet.

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