Bob Dylan – Saratoga Springs, NY (07/26/89)

Bob Dylan and His Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Saratoga Springs, NY

Download FLAC/SHN: Amazon Drive

01 Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
02 Pretty Peggy-O
03 Masters Of War
04 Legend In My Time
05 I Want You
06 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
07 Mama, You Been On My Mind
08 One Too Many Mornings
09 When Did You Leave Heaven?
10 Gates Of Eden
11 Silvio
12 I’ll Remember You
13 I Shall Be Released
14 Like A Rolling Stone
15 Mr. Tambourine Man
16 Maggie’s Farm

Source 1:


From an old cassette (received in trade, 1993-08-xx — zero lineage info, but sounds low). I’m fairly certain this is a different recording from the current LB listings. Compared to [LB-0930] and [LB-1429], I did not notice any “mic noise rumblings” in Mr. Tambourine man. Compared to [LB-8588], the levels in Mama, You Been On My Mind do not drop on this one, and Gates Of Eden does not fade out. But, more to the point, I think this recording has just GOT to *sound* better than those Cs. The sound of this tape is in-and-out a little (security?) — Memphis Blues, for example, suffers from some coat muffle — so I guess you’ve got to subtract something for that, but when it’s “in,” (and mostly it IS in,) it’s exceedingly listenable: in the B range, for sure, and very comfortably so.

F/P: track 03 (Masters Of War) @ 5:30 (after the music) a very foreground whistle. Also, track 16 (Maggie’s Farm) is endcut, missing like the last two minutes. (I scrounged around long ago and found a complete Maggie’s Farm from another recording — maybe the LB tape? — which I have included.)

TRANSFER DATE: 2016-09-25

WHAT I DID: Cassette > WAV > Sound Forge (split into tracks) > FLAC > MP3tag (tagging)

All thanks to the original taper, and to the person who sent me the cassette.

Source 2:


(53min+54min), from etree, good sound

some mic noise rumblings d2t5 1:xx

Source 3:


(53min+35min), version “a”; same version as previous version except the levels are raised on this one, good sound (did not review full show)

some mic noise rumblings d2t5 1:xx

Source 4:


Most likely derived from LB-1429. Received in trade; FLAC files on data DVD. No info file or lineage provided. Had levels raised, clipping badly (dff reports included), so I took the liberty to deamplify the whole thing -1.35 dB. Tried also to get the sound back to its natural equalization through the usual tools on Adobe Audition. What I did was slightly reduce midrange and high ends, to make it less harsh. Frequent small gaps at end of last track of each disc have been carefully patched with nearby wave samples of similar sequence.

d1t01 @ [00:00.000-055] silence / fades in
d1t07 @ [00:18.250-24.945] levels drop down momentarily, recovering gradually after a second
d1t10 @ [05:59.647] fades out / drop

d2t01 @ [00:00.000-015] drop / fades in
d2t05 @ [01:08.100] analog pop
d2t05 @ [01:15.792-30.193][01:37.745-41.710][01:45.055-46.210] mic noise rumblings
d2t05 @ [01:45.055] analog pop
d2t06 @ [05:19.752] fades out / silence

fixed flaws:

d1t01 @ [00:50.722] discontinuity pop removed
d1t04 @ [00:34.685-690] digipop removed
d1t06 @ [06:13.336-360] discontinuity pop removed
d1t10 @ [05:51.608-625][05:52.687-728][05:53.608-635][05:54.782-805][05:55.662-690][05:56.835-855][05:57.715-736][05:58.595-622] small gaps patched

d2t02 @ [00:00.015] digipop removed
d2t03 @ [00:00.015] microgap patched
d2t04 @ [00:00.015] digipop removed
d2t05 @ [01:45.915-970] digipop caused by clip limit removed
d2t06 @ [05:06.304][05:06.924-926] left channel digipops removed
d2t06 @ [05:10.224-234][05:11.211-220][05:12.064-073][05:12.917-930][05:14.197-206][05:15.051-060][05:15.904-917][05:17.184-192][05:18.038-047][05:18.891-904][05:19.971-972] small gaps patched

Taper: unknown
Lineage: same recording as LB-1429 > ? > FLAC (data DVD) > wav (flac v1.2.1) > wav (adobe audition 1.0) > flac (flac v1.2.1; encoded by FLAC v1.1.4a w/FLAC Frontend v1.7.1 – align on sb option – level 8 – verify on)

4 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Saratoga Springs, NY (07/26/89)

  1. The dedication of the people who post these recordings never ceases to amaze me. The attention to detail, the amount of adjustments, all for their love for the concept of the midnight cafe. No doubt this comment will be followed by the usual comments about Bob’s genitalia. Probably conjured up during the adverts in Beavis and Butthead.

  2. Apologies for my references to Bob’s genitalia comments on the original message. I was confusing midnight cafe with the bogozine2 site, which sadly attracts these type of juvenile comments. Sorry Mat!

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