Neil Young – Tucson, AZ (11/13/86)

NOVEMBER 13, 1986

Download FLAC: Google Drive


NEIL YOUNG – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Harmonica
FRANK SAMPEDRO – Guitar, Keyboards

Track List:
01 Cinammon Girl
02 When You Dance
03 Down By The River
04 Too Lonely
05 -garage break 1-
06 Heart Of Gold
07 After The Gold Rush
08 Like An Inca
09 Long Walk Home
10 Needle And The Damage Done
11 Cortez The Killer
12 -garage break 2-
13 Sample And Hold
14 -dj talk-
15 Computer Age
16 Mideast Vacation
17 Like A Hurricane
18 Hey Hey My My (cut at 4:26)

Total Time: 92m 10s

Lineage: Unknown Source>FM Broadcast>Sony Cassette Deck (TC-WE435)>Maxell XL II Cassette Tape>PC>Cool Edit Pro (Editing and Tracking)>Traders Little Helper flac level 8
Transferred by Panador

The venue is the Tucson Community Center, now re-named the Tucson Convention Center. It’s the large arena downtown where large events take place and where the University Of Arizona Ice Hockey team plays. Yes, Ice Hockey in Tucson. According to Wikipedia the seating capacity is 9,250. The sound quality from this unknown source is very good. It can’t be a soundboard since various crowd noises and exclamations can be heard, such as, “Happy Birthday Neil” and “Kill that dog”. The lyrics are clear and the sound powerful. My friend Keith camped out and scored tickets for this show in the 5th Row, center. This was an amazing concert experience being so close for such a great performance. This was billed as the “Live In A Rusted Out Garage” Tour and consisted of some stage theatrics. The stage was made to look like the band was playing in a cluttered up garage. A dog can be heard barking between some songs. An oversized telephone rings after one song and an angry neighbor yells and complains that “you hippies are making too much noise”. Also, Neil’s mother figure asks him what that burning smell coming from the garage is. “Pancho brought some incense and we’re burning it” was Neil’s reply, as the crowd roared. The attached jpeg photo is from the University Of Arizona Daily Wildcat newspaper the next day. Also my ticket stub (15 bucks!).

Unfortunately, the show is incomplete. The DJ (Track 14) mentions the songs “Drive Back” and “Opera Star” before Cortez The Killer that are missing from the recording(?). And Hey Hey My My is cut after 4m 26s. According to the DJ this was the day after Neil’s 41st Birthday. Around 1:05 in Track 14 the DJ says it’s great to hear from someone out there who was actually at this show. That was me, who called in to the station to voice my great approval. The concert was broadcast on KXCI, Tucson, 91.3 FM late one night after midnight a few years ago on a show that featured Live recordings. A convenient place to split the tracks onto two CD’s is either before or after Track 12 (garage break 2). Enjoy this GEM that is only NOW, after 26-plus years, making it into wider distribution. I did not find this show on Dime but there are several others from this 1986 tour.

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