Neil Young – The Funniest Damn Neil Tape Ever Made

Neil Young
How Ya’ Doing?
“The Funniest Damn Neil Tape Ever Made.”
Roy Harpoon Dodger

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Highly requested at the ‘Rust’ yahoo group, I obtained this through a trade and wanted to share it with the Neil fans of the group. This was originally 2 ‘1 track’ audio disc’s . I split it into individual tracks as best I could, and converted to flac for sharing here.

1 flac > 2 audio
Original CD-r > EAC > CD-Wav Editor > Flac Frontend > flac

Numerous Jokes, Interpersonal Interpartion, Insults, Comments,
Memories and Stories …Onstage 2 cd’s

Mingled with odd and humorous versions of..

This Notes for You
Too far Gone
Old King
Roll Another Number
Kinda Fonda Wanda
Piece of Crap

artwork from SpaceCoast

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