Van Morrison – Desert Land: Live in the USA, November 1971

Van Morrison
Desert Land
‘Live in the USA November 1971’

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Liberated Bootleg (Flashback world productions, Luxembourg, Flash 03.91.0138)

  1. Brown Eyed Girl 3.12
  2. Moonshine Whiskey 7.12
  3. Moondance 5.46
  4. Wild Night 4.53
  5. Ballerina 9.31
  6. Blue Money 4.09
  7. Bueno sera Senorita 3.31

Total 38.21

It seems likely that the first 3 tracks are taken from Vans Show at the Rainbow London on 24 July 1973, with the remainder coming from the often bootlegged Pacific High Studios Radio Performance on 5th September 1971.

Sound is excellent.

Silver Bootleg>Eac (secure with offset)>Flac 1.71>Flac

Converted by onthetrain

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