Bob Dylan – Let My Poor Voice Be Heard, Publishing Demos

Bob Dylan
Let My Poor Voice Be Heard
Bob Dylan Publishing Demos

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This one is excellent. Iíve never heard these versions of most of the songs, and there are a few songs I never heard before. The sound quality varies somewhat, but itís all excellent with only a few exceptions.
These “Hollow Horn” boots come in a unique kind of case, not a normal plastic case. I’ve adapted the artwork so it will fit in a standard jewel case.
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Clyde the Camel

A new two-disc set from the Hollow Horn label that will form the first installment of a new seven volume series of releases. This release features all the available tracks that were recorded for publishing purposes for both Leeds Music and Witmark and Sons in the 1962-1964 period. This is the first time in many years that this material has been gathered together on one release and the usual high quality Hollow Horn fold out packaging makes it the definitive version! The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1
(Leeds Music – January 1962):
1 Hard Times In New York Town
2 Poor Boy Blues
3 Ballad For A Friend
4 Rambling Gambling Willie
5 Man On The Street
6 Talkiní Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
7 Standing On The Highway
(Witmark And Sons- July 1962 to March 1963)
8 Blowiní In The Wind
9 Long Ago Far Away
10 A Hard Rainís A-Gonna Fall
11 The Death Of Emmett Till
12 Let Me Die In My Footsteps
13 Ballad Of Hollis Brown
14 Quit Your Low Down Ways
15 Tomorrow Is A Long Time
16 Baby Iím In The Mood For You
17 Long Time Gone
18 Masters Of War
19 Farewell
20 Oxford Town
21 Donít Think Twice It Itís Alright
22 Walkiní Down The Line

Disc 2
(Witmark And Sons – April 1963 to June 1964)
1 I Shall Be Free
2 Bob Dylanís Dream
3 Boots Of Spanish Leather
4 Bob Dylanís Blues
5 Girl Of The North Country
6 Seven Curses
7 Hero Blues
8 Watcha Gonna Do?
9 Gypsy Lou
10 Ainít Gonna Grieve
11 John Brown
12 When The Ship Comes In
13 The Times They Are A-Changiní
14 Paths Of Victory
15 Baby Let Me Follow You Down
16 Guess Iím Doiní Fine
17 Iíd hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day
18 All Over You
19 Bound To Lose Bound To Win
20 Talkiní John Birch Paranoid Blues
21 Mr. Tambourine Man
22 Mama You Been On My Mind
23 Iíll Keep It With Me

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