Van Morrison – The Bedroom Tape

Van Morrison
cdr BED 60 min
source unknown 64-67

Download FLAC: Google Drive

01 Don’t Start Crying Now (w/Them)
02 Slow Blues ( One Dime Blues )
03 All Night Long (w/Them)
04 Wild Mountain Thyme
05 Stormy Monday Blues (w/Them)
06 Youíre The One “Gloria”
07 Spanish Rose
08 Walking In The Queen’s Garden
09 Harmonica Breakdown (instr.)
10 TB Sheets (long version)

I posted a somewhat different bootleg also entitled The Bedroom Tapes here.

Hello Mat,

I received a bad copy of The Bedroom Tape from a fellow collector sometime during late 80’s.
The tape was hard to listen and it was running fast. The tape had 11 tracks, including two versions
of TB Sheets, a short and a long version. The short version was in better quality but it was cut at
the end of side A of the 90 min tape and the long version was first track on side B. The beginning of the
second version was worn out and I decided to make a composite using two connected cassette decks.
Please remember analog copies was all we could do at the time.

The tape composite was a success, but at the same time I realised that there was a change in the
sound as the first deck I used was running slow or the recording machine was running fast. Anyway
the sound was getting better every time I copied the tape, surely there was more hiss, but also you
could slowly hear how the Man was singing. I realised that two of the songs on the tape were
demo-recordings by Them and I had a reference copy of those tracks on vinyl.
So I just kept making copy after copy until the sound of these familiar tracks was accurate. I then
mailed the slowed down tape copy back to my friend David Chance, aka “dcat”. He then seeded the tape
and every digital copy I’ve heard since is from that master with lots of hiss and with the composite
of TB Sheets.

When I learned how to do digital transfer, I started this project again by searching the original
cassette from my attic and edited the tape again with Goldwave. I reworked the composite TB Sheets
with better result and eliminated some of the hiss in the origial x gen tape.

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