Grateful Dead – Pearly’s Picks, Vol. 1

Grateful Dead
Pearly’s Picks, Vol. 1

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From the original uploader:
Pearly’s Picks is a new series I’ve been working on which pulls from multiple concerts to create “fantasy” shows, if you will. I utilized my background in post-production audio engineering to mix and edit the show so that the transitions between songs are seamless. Everything included in set 1 of this “created show” took place in set 1 of its original show, and the same applies to set 2. This was done to help create a feeling of realism, as if this show could have been real.

I have high hopes for this series and am stoked to introduce it to you all, so please share it with the larger community if you enjoy. Also, I would love suggestions on “themes” for future release (e.g. “Best of ’73”, “Late 80’s Fantasy Show”, “Best of the Month of July”, etc). Download/listening links will be provided at the bottom of this post.

Setlist for Volume 1:
Help on the Way > (8/13/75)
Slipknot! > (8/13/75)
Franklin’s Tower (8/13/75)
The Music Never Stopped (5/22/77)
Bird Song (6/22/73)
Big River (2/26/73)
Dark Star (1) > (2/18/71)
Wharf Rat > (2/18/71)
Dark Star (2) > (2/18/71)
Me and My Uncle (2/18/71)
Scarlet Begonias > (11/30/80)
Fire on the Mountain > (11/30/80)
Estimated Prophet > (3/29/90)
Terrapin Station > (1/22/78)
Drums > (1/22/78)
The Other One > (1/22/78)
Space > (1/22/28)
St. Stephen (1) > (1/22/78)
Not Fade Away > (5/8/77)
St. Stephen (2) > (5/8/77)
Morning Dew (5/8/77)
U.S. Blues (10/21/78)

4 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – Pearly’s Picks, Vol. 1

  1. Hi Mat,

    This is a great idea. I love then set list you made. The only caveat is the space segment from 1928 – the band was really primitive:-)

    Thank you for such a great site.

    Bob W.

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