Van Morrison – Llandudno, Wales (01/31/03)

Van Morrison
“Taking A Break”
North Wales Theatre
Llandudno, Wales
January 31 2003

A Swansong Production

Download FLAC: Google Drive

audience > DAT > wave > cdr > eac > wave >
flac frontend (Level 8, align on sector boundaries) >
flac > torrent on

Size : 151 MB (incl. Artwork)

Excellent Sound Quality for an audience recording !!

Setlist :

  1. Cadillac Baby (Ned Edwards) [4:02]
  2. All Blues [3:26]
  3. Only A Dream (Van Morrison)[3:53]
  4. Muleskinner Blues (Van Morrison/Ned Edwards)[3:03]
  5. Apology / Introducing Chris Barber (Matt Holland) [0:16]
  6. Goin` Home (Chris Barber) [4:38]
  7. Apology / Introducing Chris Farlowe (Matt Holland) [0:27]
  8. Sometimes We Cry (Chris Farlowe) [4:26]
  9. Apology / Show Is Cancelled (Theatre Stooge) [0:44]
  10. Rebel Yells [0:12]

Musicians :

Van Morrison, Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland,
Bobby Irwin, Gavin Povey, Martin Winning.

Guests :

Chris Barber, Chris Farlowe

Review (excerpts from the Wavelength Magazine)

….Ned Edwards judiciously murdered “Cadillac Baby” with aplomb, and a hesitant and ultimately shortend “All Blues” lead up to Van coming on stage. He was looking really svelte, yes that word is now appropriate, but a mite pale, as the Band launched into “Only A Dream”. He was struggling with the microphone and his vocals were muted, but nothing too amiss for a first song. Unusually Matt Holland came and stood next to Van after “Only A Dream” as Van looked clearly discomforted and edgy.

The Band went into “Muleskinner Blues” as Van clutched his back and winced. and his voice had gone. Ned Edwards vocals were much louder as Van struggled through the song, his voice a whisper, the words spoken at times. He was so distracted he didn’t introduce Chris Barber onto stage, who came on and played a stonking fiery solo, but Van was obviously in pain and went off as the song ended. Matt Holland then said that “Mr. Morrison wanted to take a second” and would we like them to play for us.

Encouraged by the positive response Chris Barber came centre stage and launched into a great version of “GoinHome”. Then Chris Farlowe was asked on stage by Matt Holland. So Chris Farlowe shuffled on, saying “Bloody Hell – hes put me in a right situation here now !”, launched into a version of “Sometimes We Cry” which the Band played as hard as they could to make up for our disappointment. Chris Farlowe said “…eat your heart out, Tom Jones” , and played around with the words. As he left the stage a besuited management type came out and explained that Van had a bad fall in the afternoon and had a broken rib. He had tried to carry on with the performance but could no longer continue. The show was canceled, as was the next night`s.
So that was it.

Quite extraordinary.

Simon Gee , Wavelength Magazin No.31, March 2004

Enjoy this short gig, a history, thanks to the taper !

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