Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (11/xx/71)

Van Morrison
Pacific High Studios
San Francisco, CA
Marin County, CA

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: “I’ve Been Working” Alegra bootleg cd/SBD
Quality: A

1 I’ve Been Working (6.03)
2 Blue Money (3.55)
3 Friday’s Child (5.34)
4 Domino (5.51)
5 You’re My Woman (5.49)
6 Wild Night (4.28)
7 Ballerina (8.45)
8 Into The Mystic (5.40)
9 These Dreams Of You (3.20)
10 Dead or Alive (5.02)

Total Playing Time: 54.30

lineage: SBD: silver cd (“I’ve Been Working” Alegra 9009)>EAC>FLAC

One thought on “Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (11/xx/71)

  1. It’s suspiciously like the timings (one or two seconds for all of them) of these exact songs on 1971-09-05 same venue Mat. Great that the glitch is over, and thanks for all the shows.

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