Links of the Day: February 17, 2023

Wilco Selling Guitars, Century-Old Organ, and Gear From Their Chicago Studio: Pitchfork

Martin Scorsese ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ is Still Being Edited: World of Reel

New John Lennon and Yoko Ono Documentary Announced: Pitchfork

Listen to isolated vocals of Tom Petty on ‘I Won’t Back Down’: Far Out

‘Jeopardy!’ Stumped Contestants On A Bob Dylan Question, And Their Guesses Were Truly Disheartening: Uproxx

Neil Young Announces First Concert Since Before Pandemic: Pitchfork

4 thoughts on “Links of the Day: February 17, 2023

    • He priced me out a few tours ago. I just can’t get myself to pay more than $100 for a show. Springsteen was the same on this current tour, though I think they just dropped the price for his tickets recently.

      • I hear you. I had the same “no shows higher than $100” credo for years. But I missed the Dylan/Van/Joni tour in 1998 because of that, and in retrospect I woulda paid like $500 to see those 3 in one show. So I broadened it to $250 max and have seen a few excellent shows because of that.

        Not because I really “have the cash” but because music and books are the only things I really spend discretionary income on. And I’ll miss a few shows after a big $$$ one if I have to.

        With that said – of course I wouldn’t pay the average Bruce tix prices this year – that’s all way outta my league.

        • I get it. I’d probably spend more than $100 if an artist I was just dying to see came through town (Van immediately comes to mind) and when I think about it I don’t think anything of spending $50 on a meal, etc, so a great nights seeing an artist I love is maybe worth it. But then you gotta factor in an extra ticket for my wife and probably a meal, and getting there, and all of a sudden…ouch.

          But I don’t begrudge anyone willing to spend big bucks to see a concert (except maybe for the fact that if no one spent the big bucks maybe the artists wouldn’t charge so much, but I digress…)

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