The Movie Journal: February 2023


I watched 40 movies in February. Seven of which I had seen previously. 19 of them were made before I was born. As it was Foreign Film February 13 of them were not made in the United States and were not in English.

Stats for the year to date include:

Number of movies watched: 90
Number of previously not watched by me: 74
Top Five Actors: Henry Silva (4 films), Giulio Baraghini (4 films), Vittorio Caprioli (3 films), Val Avery (3 films), and James Coburn (3 films).
Top Five Directors: Fernando Di Leo (5 films), Howard Hawks (3 films), Quentin Tarantino (3 films), Martin Scorsese (3 films), Sam Peckinpah (3 films).

My favorite films watched this month (that were new to me) were: She Dies Tomorrow, Possessor, I Was A Male War Bride, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Titane, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Pig, Nostalghia, and The Bicycle Thieves.

Here’s the full list:

Welcome to the Sticks (2008)
El Dorado (1966)
Rio Bravo (1959)
Brimstone (2016)
Black Rain (1989)
She Dies Tomorrow (2020)
The Night (2020)
Possessor (2020)
I Was a Male War Bride (1949)
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (1936)
The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)
Roughshod (1949)
Five Shaolin Masters (1974)
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967)
Capricorn One (1977)
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)
Titane (2021)
Crimes of the Future (2022)
The Brasher Doubloon (1947)
One on Top of the Other (1969)
The Osterman Weekend (1983)
A Study in Scarlet (1933)
Dark Alibi (1946)
Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)
Cujo (1983)
Fist of Fury (1972)
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973)
Hellraiser (2022)
Tampopo (1985)
Pig (2021)
Nostalgia (1983)
Ride Lonesome (1959)
The Tall T (1957)
Biutiful (2010)
Micmacs (2009)
Run (2020)
C.H.U.D. (1984)
Bicycle Thieves (1948)

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