Happy 90th Birthday, Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is, in part, responsible for The Midnight Cafe. At least the name I chose for this blog. In college, me and some friends used to hang out in my buddy Matt’s dorm room late at night. We’d stay up late listening to music, playing poker, eating terrible and cheap food, and talking.

Matt was always the joker. He was one of those guys who thought it was funny to answer the phone with a dumb gag. One night we were having some sandwiches and chips and the like and the phone rang. “Welcome to the Midnight Cafe” he answered, “what can I get you?” The name stuck and that group of friends from then on became The Midnight Cafe. When I was deciding on a name for this blog it only seemed natural to call it The Midnight Cafe. And here we are.

Willie was in regular rotation at the Cafe, and on some nights, when most of our friends had called it a night, Matt would light some candles and put on “Stardust.” We’d sit up into the wee hours talking about life, God, and girls. Mostly girls. Mostly girls who had recently broken our hearts.

Though we’ve gone our own ways, and somewhat drifted apart, I’m still friends with those guys. And Willie Nelson will always have a special place in my heart.

So happy birthday, Willie. Here’s to 90 more years of life and music and friends.

2 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday, Willie Nelson

  1. Super cool. And man, what an American icon Willie is. I’m really lucky to have seen him in concert four times so far – including the first concert for each of our two boys (2005, and 2009, respectively) when I took them to see Bob Dylan and Willie opened for Bob in both shows (as did John Mellencamp, both shows also!) during Dylan’s “minor league ballpark tours” during those years. Also got to see President Jimmy Carter get up and sing “Amazing Grace” with Willie at a 2012 show here in Atlanta.

    On every level, an amazing person, and a gift to music – Willie Nelson. Long may he fly high.

    • I’ve seen him twice and they were two completely different shows. The first time was at Indiana University in their big auditorium,. Everybody was seated calmly in their assigned seat. The music was good but pretty standard. Then the next time was at the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa which is an old honky tonk. Standing room only, everybody was drunk or high. Lots of hooping and hollering. Shirts came off. By the end of the show, he had a dozen or so bras lining the stage. Wilie was in great spirits and played a rollicking show.

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