Anna May Wong Collection Is the Pick of the Week

anna may wong box set

For several years I wrote a column over at Cinema Sentries where I would peruse all of the new Blu-ray/DVD releases coming out in a given week and then pick one as my…well, pick. Then I’d give a brief mention to all the other releases that sounded interesting to me.

Somewhere in the middle of Covid I got a little overwhelmed and stressed out at my life and I stopped writing it. Someone else picked it up and that someone is now getting a little tired of writing it. So, I decided to start writing it again. As of right now the plan is for me to write one this week and then the other person will write it next week and we’ll rotate back and forth.

I always enjoyed writing the article as it helps me keep up with what’s coming out each week. And now you can, too. Here‘s my article for this week.

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