Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Bremen, Germany (07/10/74)

Van Morrison - Breman Germany - Musikladen Live 1974

“Musikladen Extra”
TV studios, Bremen, Germany
July 10th, 1974

Download: FLAC/MP3

Heathrow Shuffle (2:39)
Warm Love (4:10)
I Like It Like That (6:44)
Bulbs (4:15)
Into The Mystic – Acoustic Version (6:51)

Total Time (24:41)

Source 1:
As these are Web Rips captured from the system sound board to wave with Total Recorder Pro, they are MP3 sourced.
Although the initial “wave” test shows CDDA 100%, once converted to Flac with SonySoundForge Pro (level6) – they report 100% MPEG.

Source 2:

VIDEO: Mpeg 2, PAL, 4×3, 720×576, 25fps, 9094 Kb/s
AUDIO: MPEG-1 Layer 2, 48000 Hz, Mono, 256 kbps

Top Menu with Track Selection

Editing and Authoring by JTT

AUDIO Version is Lossy FLAC Level 8

Video versin is included in the FLAC files. I didn’t want to break up the video into parts which is why it is so big – Mat

Van Morrison Plaza De La Trinidad, San Sebastion (07.27.99) 4EF Remaster THE DVD 1.91GB's




Live At The Plaza De La Trinidad, San Sebastion
Donosti SPAIN July 27th 1999
A VLS DVD – 1.91 GB [.MPG] Concert Video (5 Files)

Special Thanks to Kelisarb and Seetee and The 4EF
A Four Eyed Freak Presents Version (2007)

Track List:
01 – Sack O’ Woe – Van Morrison 6:42
02 – New Symphony Sid – Van Morrison 5:41
03 – How Long Has This Been Going On – Van Morrison 4:54
04 – Moondance – Van Morrison 6:35
05 – When The Leaves Come Falling Down – Van Morrison 5:47
06 – Goin’ Down Geneva, Brand New Cadillac – Van Morrison 4:58
07 – In The Midnight – Van Morrison 5:16
08 – High Summer – Van Morrison 5:27
09 – Reminds Me Of You – Van Morrison 5:51
10 – In The Afternoon, Joe Turner Sings, Don’t You Make Me High, Sex Machine Medley 9:59
11 – Philosopher’s Stone, Didn’t He Ramble – Van Morrison 9:50
12 – Back On Top – Van Morrison 4:17
13 – Georgia – Van Morrison 5:20
14 – Precious Time – Van Morrison 4:34
15 – Help Me, Green Onions – Van Morrison 11:07

Richie Buckley : Sax, Backing Vocals
Alan Dankworth : Bass
Matt Holland : Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Johnny Scott : Guitar, Vocals
Mick Green : Guitar
Geraint Watkins : Keyboards, Vocals
Bobby Irwin : Drums

DVD File Details :
Bitrate (kbps) : 320
Frequency : 44100
Channels : 2 (Stereo)
Level : MPEG 1 Layer III
Part 1 (23 mins 38 secs)
Part 2 (22 mins 50 secs)
Part 3 (22 mins 47 secs)
Part 4 (22 mins 39 secs)
Part 5 (22 mins 23 secs)
Total Time – approx 96 mins
Size: 1.91 GB’s

MD5, and Original and Alternate Art Included
Special Thanks again to Seetee, Kelisarb, and XAV The 4EF for this brilliant film.
FreeMorrison, February 24th, 2012

Download At File Swap:
PART 1: Plaza De La Trinidad, San Sebastion (07.27.99) 4EFRemaster DVD 1.91GB

PART 2: Plaza De La Trinidad, San Sebastion (07.27.99) 4EFRemaster DVD 1.91GB

PART 3: Plaza De La Trinidad, San Sebastion (07.27.99) 4EFRemaster DVD 1.91GB

Enjoy the best there is in video concerts featuring Van Morrison in Spain from,
the Master: The  4 Eyed Freak !

FreeMorrison February 24th, 2012 

Video Bootleg Bonanza: Eric Clapton – I've Got a Rock N Roll Heart

eric clapton rock n roll heart

Download Video: Mediafire

The video quality obviously comes from a handheld device, but the audio quality is good.

Eric Clapton
I’ve Got A Rock’n Roll Heart 3
March 13, 2010
Amway Arena, Orlando, FL, US.

Source: Vg- ~ Ex Audience Shot
Lineage: Northern (ND-2042) DVD-R > PC > You
Approx: 114mins 4.27GB NTSC 16:9

01: Going Down Slow
02: Key To The Highway
03: Tell The Truth (Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, AL 2010-2-28)
04: Old Love
05: I Shot The Sheriff
06: Driftin’
07: Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
08: Running On Faith (The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Atlanta, GA 2010-3-9)
09: Layla
10: I’ve Got A Rock’n Roll Heart
11: Badge
12: Wonderful Tonight
13: Before You Accuse Me
14: Little Queen Of Spades (BOK Center, Tulsa, OK 2010-3-2)
15: Cocaine
16: Crossroads

– Bank Atlantic Center
Sunrise, FL
2010-3-11 –
01: Key To The Highway
02: I Shot The Sheriff
03: I’ve Got A Rock’n Roll Heart
04: Crossroads

Band Lienup:
Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Chris Stainton: Keyboards
Walt Richmond: Keyboards
Willie Weeks: Bass
Steve Gadd: Drums
Michelle John: Backing Vocals
Sharon White: Backing Vocals

Video Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dusseldorf, Germany (12/19/98)

van morrison dusseldorf germany 98

Download Video: Mediafire
Thanks to FreeMorrison I was able to post the audio rip of this show here.

Screen caps to check quality: One, Two

Van Morrison
Düsseldorf, Germany

Set I
Jackie Wilson Said
These Dreams (of You)
My Funny Valentine
Rough God
Goes Riding
Give Me A Kiss
That’s Life
Naked In The Jungle
In The Afternoon
Set II
Georgia On My Mind
Call Me Up In
Summertime In England
See Me Through>
Burning Ground>
Soldier Of Fortune>
The Burning
Have I Told You Lately?

I very rarely upload video. The reason is because I rarely download video. The reason for that is I really don’t care to watch video. I listen to music in a variety of ways – while driving, reading, cleaning, internetting, chilling – most of those ways involve me doing something else. Music allows the ability to both listen and do some other task. Watching video doesn’t do that as much. I supposed you can put on a video and do other things but the video always tries to get my attention. Besides, with music I can listen on a variety of other devices and be more portable.

Honestly I didn’t realize this was a video when I torrented it. No matter though, my reasons for getting it and my reasons for not watching video are really irrelevant. Here is a very fine looking and sounding video of Van the Ma performing in Germany. I have no source information on it, but it was professionally shot, I’d guess for a TV special. I know lots of my readers do enjoy good video and so I’m happy to share.

One small note the video is zipped up in about 23 different files. The Mediafire will take you to all of them. I took the files from one computer to another and compressed them back together and then ensured the video would play. If you have a problem, please do ask.

I used WinRar to do the compressing and so the files are all connected together. I highly suggest downloading everyone of them before trying to unzip. Also the files are.vob which are meant to be burned to a DVD. Many video players will play them, but it isn’t like an .avi file that you would get if you downloaded a movie or TV show or whatever. Please don’t ask me to convert it, or even how to do that conversion as I am inexperience in such things.

Video Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Don't Look Back Outtakes

Download Video: Megaupload

I honestly have no idea where I got this, nor did I even remember having it until a couple of days ago when I found it in one of my bootleg books. At first I assumed it was a typical music bootleg, but when it wouldn’t play I discovered it was in fact video.

A little Google juice turns up information that this is what was leftover from D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary of Dylan’s 1965 tour of Britain. This review says it is mostly for hard core Dylanphiles. Personally I’ve never seen the original documentary and have yet to sit down and watch this. I’m not much for watching music DVDs so I’m not sure I ever will watch this one.

Whatever, download it if you want. I said I was uploading basically everything I have and I will continue to do so. I’m being pretty negative with this, but the little I did watch included some pretty brilliant live footage of Dylan. You can also stream the show here (don’t adjust your volume, the sound kicks out for maybe thirty seconds right at the beginning, its on the download too.)