Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Basel, Switzerland (06/02/84)

bob dylan - santana - basel - 1984_0602

Bob Dylan & Mick Taylor
Fussballstadion St. Jakob
Basel, Switzerland

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Disc 7
101. Highway 61 Revisisted
102. Jokerman
103. All Along the Watchtower
104. Just Like a Woman
105. Maggies Farm
106. I and I
107. License to Kill
108. It ain’t me Babe
109. It’s Alright Ma
110. Don’t Think Twice
111. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

Disc 8
201. Masters of War
202. Ballad of a Thin Man
203. When You Gonna Wake Up
204. Every Grain of Sand
205. Like a Rolling Stone
206. To Ramona
207. Girl From the North Country
208. Tombstone Blues
209. Why Do I Have to Choose
210. Blowing in the Wind

From the original uploader:

This is the 4th Show of Bob Dylan’s 1984 tour with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick
Taylor. It is interesting to hear how the songs are evolving now from these first 4 shows.
We get a real treat on this one with “To Ramona” and with Willie Nelson’s “Why Do I
Have to Choose.”
Right now is the 20th Anniversary of those shows and I thought it would be cool to release each show
to STG on the date of the actual show plus 20 years. So, here is the third show and we’ll
see if I can keep up with the rest of the tour. Enjoy.

Santana report: Screwed up the end of “Blowing in the Wind” starting at about 3:32.
This guy is bad.
BTW, These shows really highlight how BAD Santana was, playing in the wrong key, at
the wrong time and playing a part which did NOT fit into the song. What was Bob
thinking with this guy? No artwork, enjoy!