Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – New York, NY (01/23/73)

Neil Young & the Stray Gators - Madison Square Garden (01/23/73)

Neil Young w/The Stray Gators
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: “Madison Square Garden Vol 1 & 2” vinyl bootleg
Lineage: AUD > Vinyl Bootleg > CDR > EAC > flac

Someone transferred this for me a few years ago. There are several crackles and pops on this, so it’s probably best left for completists. Maybe someone has a better copy?

Disc 1:
01. On The Way Home
02. Here We Are In The Years
03. LA
04. Soldier
05. Out On The Weekend
06. Harvest
07. Old Man
08. Heart Of Gold
09. The Loner
10. Time Fades Away
11. New Mama
12. Alabama
13. Don’t Be Denied
14. Cinnamon Girl
15. Lookout Joe
16. Southern Man
17. Last Dance
18. Are You Ready For The Country?

1973 Time Fades Away Tour with The Stray Gators
Band: The Stray Gators, Line Up 1
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – EU Summer Tour 2016

Neil Young + Promise of the Real - 2016 European Tour Compilation

Neil Young + Promise of the Real
EU Summer Tour 2016 Compilation

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1. [66.34]

1. After The Gold Rush
2. Heart Of Gold (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. The Needle & The Damage Done (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
4. Helpless (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
5. Long May You Run (2016-06-13, Le Zenith, Lille, France)
6. Mother Earth (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
7. Out On The Weekend (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
8. Human Highway (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
9. Comes A Time (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
10. Razor Love (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
11. Unknown Legend (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
12. From Hank To Hendrix (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
13. Harvest Moon (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
14. Love Is A Rose (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
15. Tumbleweed (2016-07-23, Burg Klam, Klam, Austria)

Disc 2. [73.38]

1. Mr. Soul (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
2. Ohio (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. Hold Back The Tears (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
4. Old Man (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
5. Someday (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
6. Peace Of Mind (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
7. Walk On (2016-06-11, O2 Arena, London, England)
8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
9. If I Could Have Her Tonight (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
10. Western Hero (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)
11. Are You Ready For The Country (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
12. Saddle Up The Palomino (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
13. Hawaiian Sunrise (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
14. I Am A Child (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
15. Are There Any More Real Cowboys (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
16. Homegrown (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)

Disc 3. [72.30]

1. Don’t Be Denied (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
2. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (2016-06-08, 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)
3. Winterlong (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)
4. Hey Hey, My My (2016-07-15, Teatro delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy)
5. Revolution Blues (2016-07-09, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
6. Like A Hurricane (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
7. Change Your Mind (2016-07-09, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
8. Cowgirl In The Sand (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
9. Vampire Blues (2016-07-01, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark)

Disc 4. [77.47]

1. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (2016-07-01, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark)
2. I’ve Been Waiting For You (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
3. Alabama (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
4. Words (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
5. Powderfinger (2016-06-10, First Direct Arena, Leeds, England)
6. Country Home (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
7. After The Garden (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)
8. Mansion On The Hill (2016-07-18, EstathÈ Market Sound, Milan, Italy)
9. Down By The River (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
10. Rockin’ In The Free World (2016-07-12, Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland)

Disc 5. [79.00]

1. Love To Burn (2016-06-23, AccorHotels Arena, Paris, France)
2. People Want To Hear About Love (2016-07-21, Waldb¸hne, Berlin, Germany)
3. Monsanto Years (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
4. Seed Justice (2016-07-20, Vˆlkerschlactdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany)
5. Wolf Moon (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
6. Love And Only Love (2016-06-05, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland)

Disc 6. (Encores) [78.41]

1. The Loner (2016-06-16, Le DÙme de Marseille, Marseille, France)
2. Fuckin’ Up (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
3. Cinnamon Girl (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
4. When You Dance I Can Really Love (2016-06-13, Le ZÈnith, Lille, France)
5. Like An Inca (2016-06-21, Le ZÈnith, Toulouse, France)
6. Here We Are In The Years (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
7. Cortez The Killer (2016-07-05, Dalhalla, R‰ttvik, Sweden)
8. Tonight’s The Night (2016-06-24, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium)
9. Roll Another Number (2016-06-07, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

From the original uploader:

It’s been around nine months now since Tom Therme, Steve Swatsworth and I put together our 6-CD tour compilation of Neil + POTR’s 2015 Rebel Content tour of the US and Arthur Lancaster
put it up on Dime for us (Dime torrent #556278).

Here now is another 6-CD compilation that Tom and I worked during the three months after Neil + POTR finished touring Europe in July. Different to the two comps put out by the Dutch Masters,
this one attempts to bring you all of the songs that Neil played on the 2016 EU tour, with individual tracks from different venues all merged together to as closely as possible sound as if
they are all from one continuous concert.

Almost every show in Europe was recorded and torrented on Dime, most in multiple recording versions. Thanks therefore go first of all to all the tapers for their efforts, without them this
compilation would simply not have been possible.

The original aim of this new comp was to cover every song sung by Neil at the 26 shows and to include tracks from each venue (though we did take a conscious decision to leave out tracks like
Volare and La Vie En Rose). But then some recordings were very much better than others so that idea was quickly abandoned in favour of recording quality. Tom collected every torrent and sifted
through them all to provide me with maybe the five or six versions of each song that he thought sounded the best. Some songs of course were only played a couple of times or so, and songs like
Tumbleweed or Love Is A Rose only once, making the choice of which one to use for a comp very easy indeed!

Choosing which songs to put where in the comp was very subjective, mostly my personal preference, but also swayed by the potential each recording had for merging the audience applause at each
end into the next track, which is in many ways the hardest part. There are 6 discs in total and we tried to make the track order pretty much follow the tour set lists, so solo stuff first,
then with POTR and all the electric stuff. The songs on the last disc are all encores.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Berlin, Germany (07/21/16)

Neil Young - Berlin - 2017

Neil Young & The Promise of the Real
Leipzig, Berlin, Germany
Dutch Master Audience Recording

Download: FLAC/MP3

Contrast clause: fine captures of this same show can be found on

Again a “HolyCow” experience
Truly amazing setlist Great surprises.
Neil just keeps giving and giving

Lineage: Edirol R-09 + Sound Proffesional SP-CMC-8 Mics.
Editing with Adobe Audition. Encoded to flac level 8, with align on sector boundaries
The sound came out a little heavy on the bass, no alternations though, adjust your home set if necessary.
Pumped up the volume for the acoustic songs and edited the applause parts.

A few pic’s in the torrent
Video’s of track 6,7,8 and 9 can be found on at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY2RcLovDqrL8z9ntDmyujA

01. After the Goldrush
02. Heart of Gold
03. The needle and the damage done
04. Mother Earth
05. Out on the Weekend
06. Saddle up the Palomino
07. Hawaiian Sunrise
08. I am a Child
09. Razor Love
10. Someday
11. Unknown Legend
12. Alabama
13. Words
14. Winterlong
15. Love to Burn
16. Powderfinger
17. Mansion on the Hill
18. Western Hero
19. Dont be Denied
20. Seed Justice
21. Change your Mind >>
22. Like a Hurricane
23. Love and only Love >>
24. Rockin in the Freeworld

no encore due to curfew

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Spokane, WA (10/20/07)


Neil Young
INB Performing Arts Center, Spokane, Washington, USA
w/ Rick Rosas, Ben Keith & Ralph Molina

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: Schoeps CCM4 > Aerco > Edirol R-09 at 24bit/48k
transfer: Pro Tools > 16bit/44.1k > xACT1.5b3 > flac(8)

Disc 1 (54:18)
01. From Hank To Hendrix
02. Ambulance Blues
03. Sad Movies
04. A Man Needs A Maid
05. No One Seems To Know
06. Harvest
07. Journey Through The Past
08. Mellow My Mind
09. Love Art Blues
10. Love Is A Rose
11. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2 (70:04)
12. The Loner
13. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
14. Dirty Old Man
15. Spirit Road
16. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
17. Winterlong
18. Oh, Lonesome Me
19. The Believer
20. No Hidden Path
21. Cinnamon Girl
22. Tonight’s The Night

Neil Young – guitar, guitjo, harmonica, piano, vocals
Ben Keith – pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas – bass
Ralph Molina – drums, background vocals
Pegi Young – background vocals, vibraphone
Anthony Crawford – background vocals, piano

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Memphis, TN (04/29/16)


Neil Young & Promise Of The Real
Beale Street Music Festival
Tom Lee Park
Memphis, TN
April 29, 2016

Download: FLAC/MP3

** 16 BIT **

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P w/3-way lo-cut filter > Tascam DR-2d (-6 dB copy) @ 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Mastering: .WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299) (minor edits, normalize, & fades) > CDWav (tracking) > Trader’s Little Helper (level 5) >
FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging)
Location: FAR from the stage, by “electrical box 5”, at least 150-200 yards from the stage
Recorded by: Steve “ballsdeep” Hagar
Mastered by: Dennis Orr

01 Down By The River
02 Country Home
03 Seed Justice
04 Monsanto Years
05 Western Hero
06 Out On The Weekend
07 Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
08 Someday
09 Fuckin’ Up
10 Cinnamon Girl
11 Chat & Tuning
12 Rockin’ In The Free World
13 Love And Only Love

Neil Young – lead vocvals, guitars, piano, & harp
Lukas Nelson – guitar & backing vocals
Micah Nelson – guitar & backing vocals
Corey McCormick – bass & backing vocals
Anthony Logerfo – drums
Tato Melgar – percussion

Taper Notes:
– “Down by the River” was played for almost 36 minutes.
– “Are There Any More Real Cowboys?” was dedicated to Willie Nelson in honor of his 83rd birthday.
– Beale is right on the banks of the Mississippi in a flat park on the riverbank, so more of an “open air” sound vs. echoes.
– Neil’s first show in Memphis since 1983.

Mastering Notes:
– Some annoying crowd chatter, and at one point Steve tells a girl to quit bumping him because he’s filming.
– Some “swirling” of the stereo effect, likely due to the distance Steve was from the stage in an open air venue.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Oakland, CA (12/04/88)


Neil Young + CSN&Y
Bridge School Benefit II
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Neil Young

01 //Comes A Time
02 Sugar Mountain
03 This Note’s For You
04 American Dream

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

05 Helplessly Hoping
06 Love The One You’re With
07 This Old House
08 Southern Man
09 Don’t Say Goodbye
10 Compass
11 Long Time Gone
12 Southern Cross
13 Teach Your Children

Source: SBD > DAT > CD > EAC > mkw > SHN

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Boston, MA (11/22/76) “Well Known Secret”


Neil Young & Crazy Horse
“Well-Known Secret”
November 22, 1976
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA

Download: FLAC/MP3

I previously posted the early show via a different source which you can find here.

Source: Hunger City post by “japrainbow” – thanks !!

(TomP) Remaster

Ex Stereo Audience Recording
Lineage: Screamer Bootleg CD > WAV > FLAC

Changes Made (Nero 7):

Phase correction of -0.12 msec
– Corrects balance offset of voices
– Clearer sound
Cross-mixed channels (96:4)
– More bass and body to the sound
– Individual harmonising voices now clearly / separately audible
– Neil’s guitar and voice clearer and more to the foreground
Fixed 200+ volume fluctuations in all the acoustic tracks
Reduced the applause volume by -2dB on all acoustic tracks
Increased music volume on all acoustic tracks by +2dB
Reduced left channel by 10% on electric disks to centre stereo image
Evened the different volume levels on different tracks

Quality: Got to be A++

IMHO this is possibly the best NY / CH ever !! The original boot wasn’t well edited, but
with the changes above, it is now truly great. Neil’s guitar is better recorded and more
to the foreground than most so if you like that…

…Don’t miss it !!

Neil Young: Guitar, Keyboards, Banjo, Harmonica, Vocals
Frank Sampedro: Guitar, Keyboadrs, Vocals
Billy Talbot: Bass, Vocals
Ralph Molina: Drums, Vocals

Disk1 Early Show (solo)

05.37 The Old Laughing Lady
03.51 Human Highway
03.36 Journey Through The Past
03.44 Pocahontas
02.40 The Needle And The Damage Done
03.52 Give Me Strength
05.19 A Man Needs A Maid
05.36 Sugar Mountain

Disk2 Early Show (electric)

06.20 Country Home
02.38 Don’t Cry No Tears
09.38 Down By The River
03.15 Lotta Love
10.58 Like A Hurricane
04.35 After The Goldrush
08.34 Cortez The Killer
08.28 Cinnamon Girl
05.08 Are You Ready For The Country ?

Disk3 Late Show (solo)

04.04 Tell Me Why
02.51 Roll Another Number
03.38 Journey Through The Past
02.21 The Needle And The Damage Done
02.59 Harvest
03.47 Campaigner
03.37 Pocahontas
04.29 A Man Needs A Maid
06.52 Sugar Mountain

Disk4 Late Show (electric)

05.21 Country Home
03.06 Don’t Cry No Tears
04.02 Drive Back
09.42 Cowgirl In The Sand
04.36 Bite The Bullet
03.17 Lotta Love
10.25 Like A Hurricane
04.14 After The Goldrush
04.13 Are You Ready For The Country ?
06.38 Cortez The Killer
05.20 Cinnamon Girl
02.53 Homegrown
06.23 Southern Man

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Westbury, NY (09/08/74)


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Roosevelt Raceway
Westbury, New York
September 8, 1974

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Love The One You’re With
02 Wooden Ships
03 Immigration Man
04 Helpless
05 Military Madness
06 Johnny’s Garden
07 Walk On
08 Almost Cut My Hair
09 Teach Your Children
10 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
11 The Lee Shore
12 Time After Time
13 Southbound Train

14 Another Sleep Song
15 Our House
16 Hawaiian Sunrise
17 Long May You Run
18 Ambulance Blues
19 Old Man
20 Change Partners
21 Myth Of Sysiphus
22 You Can’t Catch Me – Word Game
23 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
24 Deja Vu
25 First Things First

26 Don’t Be Denied
27 Black Queen
28 Revolution Blues
29 Pushed It Over The End
30 Pre Road Downs
31 Carry On
32 Sugar Mountain
33 Ohio

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
David Crosby – vocal , guitar
Stephen Stills – vocal, guitar, keyboards, acoustic bass
Graham Nash – vocal, guitar, piano, harmonica, organ
Joe Lala – percussion
Russ Kunkel – drums

Source: SBD > ?? > Silver CD (“Roosevelt Raceway” – Gold Standard) > xAct > FLAC

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Klam, Austria (07/23/16)

Crazy Horse in concert in Vienna

Neil Young w/ Promise Of The Real
23 july 2016
Burg Clam
Klam, Austria

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1
After The Gold Rush
Heart Of Gold
The Needle And The Damage Done
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
Out On The Weekend
Human Highway
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Hold Back The Tears
Harvest Moon
Bad Fog Of Loneliness

Disc 2
Love To Burn
Revolution Blues
Mansion On The Hill
Down By The River
Western Hero
Vampire Blues
Rockin’ In The Free World

Recorded by zuma66

at the rail in front of Lucas Nelson

Lineage: Roland R-05
CompactFlash card reader >
PC > WAV editing with goldwave > Audacity 1.3 >
Track Split whit CD Wave Editor
Traders Little Helper level 8

Recording & editing: Zuma66

Promise Of The Real

Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica, ukulele
Lukas Nelson – electric guitar, piano, vocals
Micah Nelson – electric guitar, electric charango, piano, vocals
Corey McCormick – bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo – drums
Tato Melgar – percussion

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Detroit, MI (01/08/73)

BR 1973-01-08 COVER INSIDE A version

Neil Young
01-08-1973, Cobo Hall
Detroit, Michigan
w/ the Stray Gators

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: BR
Location: unknown
Equipment: unknown
RAW Version: BR Analog Audience Master > Dragon > CD-R > EAC > WAV > TLH(8) > DIME
Artwork: supplied and produced by Agovigli

This boot contains the original RAW files plus two different edited versions which breaks down like so.

A. Direct Transfer of the BR Analog Master (no editing whatsoever)
B. Fully edited version of the BR Master by Reel Records
C. Four tracks containing two tracks from different master to make a “edited concert-version” from two masters containing “Borrowed Tune” and a clearer “Are You Ready For The Country”

The FLAC files contain everything and the MP3s are broken up into separate edits, each of which contain their own text files explaining the edits.

Disk 1
1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. LA
4. I Am A Child
5. Love In Mind
6. Sugar Mountain
Borrowed Tune ———-[ missing on BR Master ]
8. Out On The Weekend
9. Harvest
10. Heart Of Gold

Disk 2
1. Band tune-up
2. Times Fades Away
3. Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
4. New Mama
5. Come Along And Say You Will
6. Alabama
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Don’t Be Denied
9. Lookout Joe
10. Last Dance
11. Are You Ready For The Country?—— [ muffled sound on BR Master ]