Van Morrison – Southend, England (06/18/93)

Cliffs Pavillion
Southend, Essex
June 18th 1993

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This is a speed corrected version of the Torrent by “boggle”, with his permission:
Torrent #144433 (

Very Good Audience Recording

boggle’s source notes:
master tapes converted them to 2 cdrs using my Phillips CD Recorder.
Ripped the cds to HD using Exact Audio Copy.
Edited out any bad bits using Audacity and then converted to flac 8.

Linage For This Transfer:
Torrent Download FLACS > WAVE >Soundforge 8 > FLAC Level 6 Align On Sector Boundaries

Corrections Made: Speed Correction in Soundforge 8 (104.58% of original).
Disc One, all tracks and Disc Two, Tracks 1-4, Playback Level decreased by 3.97%.
Some Tracks on Disc Two were incorrectly marked (fixed).
All Tracks re-marked.

As with all my transfers/torrents NO Normalisation or other alterations have been
made to the sound unless stated.

Mastering and Artwork by JTT, April 2007

Disc One

  1. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
  2. Wonderful Remark
  3. See Me Through/Soldier Of Fortune
  4. Cleaning Windows
  5. Vanlose Stairway/Trans Euro Train
  6. Too Long In Exile
  7. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)/No Prima Donna
  8. Ball And Chain
  9. I’ll Take Care Of You

Disc Two

  1. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
  2. So Quiet In Here/That’s Where It’s At
  3. A Town Called Paradise
  4. Did Ye Get Healed
  5. It’s All In The Game/Please, Please, Please/Sittin’ In The Park/Make It Real
  6. Lonely Avenue
  7. Wavelength/Enlightenment
  8. Brown Eyed Girl
  9. In The Garden

Original Notes from boggle:
This is my master and as far as i know i have never let anyone have a copy of it, so the one that was posted here is January with a mono disc 2 is a different version.
Both my discs are is stereo and have been mastered from my 2 master tapes.
I havent listened to this show since it was recorded and i think it is good quality.
I have provided the same 2 samples as the other master so you can make your mind up which one you prefer before you download.
I hope this uncirculated master is of some use to someone, if not never mind i needed to concert it for myself anyway.