Learning French

If we accomplish two things in a day we feel we have done well. Daniel and Tammy live in Otswald which is kind of a suburb of Strasbourg. Strasbourg is actually made up of a lot of little cities that are as a whole considered Strausborg. Anyway, Amy’s university is located on the other side of the city(ies). Since we don’t have a car it takes us about 45 minutes to reach the university by bus and tram. So our day is taken up mostly in travel time.

Yesterday we had to go to the university to get some paperwork Amy needed for her Residency permit. Then we travelled back to Daniel’s and waited on him to take us to the place in Otswald where Amy applied for her residency permit. She didn’t actually get it yet, but they gave her a piece of paper saying she had applied. It could take two months to actually get it and she has to have it to get paid! There goes some more savings! After that we went with some of the AIMers and passed out their pamphlets. Essentially the way the mission is set up here is they distribute pamphlets in mailboxes inviting everyone to study English through a Bible course. Anyone interested can call or write and set up a study. Some of them do it through correspondence, others actually meet in person. Then I had my first French lesson in the evening. It was a little daunting since I have not had a class of any kind in years. There were four students all together. Two of them have had an intensive French course before so are way ahead of me. It went fairly well, though, and I am anxious to learn the language.

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