I Scream For Ice Cream

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day. We lounged around the house most of the morning and afternoon. In the late afternoon, Daniel took everyone to Germany for ice cream. It seems kind of funny to go to another country for ice cream for really, it was only about a 10-minute drive, which is shorter than if we had tried to drive through the city. To order the ice cream we had to just point at the picture of the scoop we wanted since we don’t speak a lick of German. I got the one with walnuts, but unfortunately, it had some coffee-tasting sauce and I didn’t like it too much.

The ice cream was located in the downtown section of the German city. It was a very pleasant strip that held lots of little shops and cafes. In the middle of the strip was a little playground that was surrounded by these giant chicken statues all painted different colors. It was quite hilarious.

When we went walking around we ran into this rock band playing in the street. It was quite funny because they were playing American classic rock mainly. So there we were in the middle of some German city listening to songs like “Smoke on the Water” “Let It Be” and “Hotel California” played by a very German rock band, surrounded by a crowd of grooving Germans. The only song any of the crowd lip-synched to was Let It Be. My favorite moment was when they broke into a cover of the early 90’s alt hit “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. That was a very surreal moment.

4 thoughts on “I Scream For Ice Cream

  1. “An American living in France VISITING GERMANY, listening to Germans play American rock songs…”

    Sounds like either a GREAT title for a book you plan to write about your current experiences to come (which, by the way, I think you should do, a year from now you wiull regret it if you didnt write a book) or a great name for a band.

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