Day of Rest

The missionaries we are staying with have church services in their house. Service does not begin until 2 in the afternoon, so we were able to sleep in quite a bit. Church lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. After church everyone stays for desserts and then sits around and talks. There were literally people here until 8 pm last night. I don’t see how Daniel and Tammy do it each week. I told them when Amy and I move out and come to church we will not be staying that long!

Today (Monday) we have virtually nothing to do. I have French class for an hour in the afternoon, but other than that we are free. Tomorrow we have to talk to the landlord and hopefully will sublet the apartment. If all goes well we will move in on Wednesday. It has been really nice living with Daniel and Tammy. The new place will be quite lonely for awhile. But I am sure Daniel will not let us stay alone for long. He will find different things for us to do.

3 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. Brew, this is almost like we’re having a private conversation except that everyone can read this. Because of that I won’t ask you about that rash…
    I’m glad that you are doing well across the pond. Pictures! That’s all any of us really want. Weblinks and Photos, keep the blg rolling. Emails too.
    Much love.

  2. Pictures will come. I honestly haven’t taken that many. Mainly because we have been so busy trying to get through all of the French red tape that we haven’t done much sight seeing. But also because I’m not so familiar with the good and bad sides of the city so I didn’t want to be the crazy American tourist wandering around with his expensive camera for every mugger to see.

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