Daniel and Tammys landlady is coming over today. Apparently she is a living terror. She is coming over because one of the neighbors told her Daniel tore out one of the trees, which is totally not true. But now we have to clean the whole house because if she comes over and sees anything out of place she will go nuts.

Yesterday I had my second french lesson. We learned occupations and such. I think once I get settled I am going to ask the teacher for some private lessons. Two hours a week just doesn’t seem like enought to allow me to learn much. I might have a genral speaking knowledge by the time I leave, but I would much prefer to be speaking fairly well in a few months.

Today we go see the potential landlord of the apartment we hope to get. Daniel acts like it is never a sure thing here. Where in the states if you have money and your credit isn’t horrible they will take you, here they want lots of paperwork and proof that you won’t skip out. Luckily the lady who is actually renting the apartment (we are subletting) has had the place for awhile and has been a very good renter. Last summer she kept up the rent by herself even though she did not live there. I hope we get it and are able to move in soon. Even though I will miss living here and visiting with Daniel and Tammy, it will do us good to have our own place. So far I have felt like a visitor in France and our own aparmtent will drive home that I am living here for a good while.

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