Like a Midnight Rambler

Song of the moment: Elvis Presley Blues by Gillian Welch

I've been sick again. Why do I get sick so much. I blame it on travel. My first year in Indiana I got very sick very often. Same thing for Alabama. Tennessee did me good though. This time it was a sinus thing. Very congested. Sinus trouble makes everything very surreal for me. Like it takes a moment for my eyes to focus on anything so I spend my day in a series of brief blurs. I was feverish Wednesday night. Go to bed freezing and piling covers on top. Wake up drenched in sweat and glad of it, for I know it is passing.

After considering London, Dublin, Scottland, and Spain we have finally decided on Rome for our February vacation. Prices all around are cheaper. Our only problem now will be in trying to fit all of the places we want to see into a few days. I'm hoping to head South as well and maybe catch the sea.

My head is too dizzy from bad sinuses and good drugs to write much more. But I wanted to check in to keep the few, the faithful from forgetting about my little piece of cyberspace.

5 thoughts on “Like a Midnight Rambler

  1. If the most you can do is blog, the least I can do is post!

    Not sure if you can find saline nasal spray at the store (I remember baking soda was a challenge, too), but you can make your own saline solution with 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 oz. of warm water. Pour this mixture into a rubber ear syringe (baby department might have one) and spray into one nostril while pinching the other one closed. It might take 4-6 sprays to clear out each sinus.
    Do this once or twice each day to promote healing.
    Inhaling steam is also comforting. Hope you’re better soon.
    I had an email from my bro, there’s a snow blanket on the “sleeping man”–the formation of Esterel Mts next door to his home in Agay.

    Take care–Lee

  2. Poor Brew, I hope you get better soon. I too have had a sinus funk and all I can take is Tylenol ~ which possibly provides about as much relief as a paper cut. Your vacation sounds like it will be so much fun ~ I love living vicariously through other’s adventures!

  3. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I have managed to get some drugs, and I brought some nasal spray with me from Indiana. Slowly I’m feeling better and getting out of the funk.

  4. Oh yeah. I was never so sick as I was in my first two years in Alabama. Strep throat, mono, allergies, bad sinuses, coughing, stuffy, lying in bed moaning for days. It must be something in the water.

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