Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip: Season 1, Episode 6 – “The Wrap Party”

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in probably ten years. I pretty much stopped watching television in college, and when I started a TV routine again, SNL wasn’t included in my line up. This goes for most late night TV, actually as I usually hit the bed fairly early, or when I don’t it isn’t due to watching television. As I write this David Letterman plays in the living room and I realize it has been as many years since I’ve watched him.

I say this because I believe that Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip is the best new show on television. Scratch that, it’s the best show on television period. And I’m sure I’m not getting half the inside jokes.

I mean I realize that is kind of behind the scenes look at a SNL type show complete with a Lorne Green look-a-like, but other than that, if there are insider jokes I certainly don’t get them. But still it is a darn good show. I love the comedy, the drama and the extensive cast.

It’s even made me start liking Matthew Perry, and I hate Matthew Perry.

There has been a lot of talk about Aaron Sorkin and how the show is similar to his other shows, but having never watched any of his other shows, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is it has great dialogue, contains a lot more story than an hour show has any right to have, and is the best freaking show on TV.

Plot: A continuation of last week’s episode beginning with the show-within-the-shows wrap, and a wrap party on set.Danny is still out to set up Matt with some women in order to make him forget Harriet. His choice are three struggling bimbo actresses who can’t grasp the concept of Matt writing for the show and not wanting to star, but are quickly distracted by the real stars.

Tom’s parents arrive and it is apparent that his father does not approve of him living in Hollywood nor being part of such a thing as a television show. They also apparently have never heard the classic Abbot and Costello sketch, “Who’s on First.”

Jordan asks Harriett to be her friend (as she seems to not have any) and to get her an autographed ball from her baseball playing boyfriend. The two do become closer, but alas the boyfriend hits on Jordan.

An elderly gentlemen wanders back stage and Cal spends his time trying to determine who he is. As it turns out the man was a World War II veteran and a writer for the original comedy show that worked in Studio 60, but only got one sketch on air before he was blacklisted.

Simon takes Matt to a comedy club to hear a popular black artist, as he feels the show is discriminatory for not having any black writers. The comic tells lame black vs. white jokes and both men are angered by this. They remain in the bar and Simon relays his history of growing up in the ghetto and his desire to pull other young men like himself out of the mire.

Another comic gets on stage and completely bombs, though his material is smart and sophisticated. He is promptly offered a writing job on Studio 60.

Best moment: The ending with Matt, Danny and Cal talking to the elderly gentleman about the old times. It was sentimental and sweet, but I’m an old sap.

Rating: ***1/2
This episode was a little schmaltzy and not nearly as funny as previous ones. But it has some good dialogue and I really enjoyed watching Jordan try to make friend’s and Tom working things out with his parents.


  • Tom giving his dad a vinyl copy of “Who’s on First.” Again schmaltzy, and again I’m a sap.
  • Matt getting frustrated with the hot chicks. “When you say you write the show, what does that mean?”
  • Harriett on last week’s near kiss: “I nearly has a Matt relapse, but I’m fine now.”

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